How do I Begin to be a Backpacker Traveller?

Planning a backpacking trip? We have some of the best tips and tricks to help you have the adventure of a lifetime.

First you buy a backpack suitable to needs. Let's assume at this point you know what your needs. If you don't know what suitable means in this case then I recommend you first go shopping in a specialized store where the staff know stuff on backpacks.

Now I'm not saying you have to buy from one of these shops if you believe you can for cheaper else where but this is where you will most likely meet an experienced traveller who knows his backpacks. You should use this opportunity to ask all your questions not only about backpacks but also about the travelling experience as a backpacker.

Actually, this is the way I met Max who is an experienced backpack and goes to a lot of countries like Vietnam, India, Philippines, Thailand. It is Max who recommend Thailand as my first destination as a new backpacker. Matein Mlassic backpack is also recommended by Max. It is very comfortable and I really appreciate its capacity.When it comes time to get a backpack, try to only consider backpacks that fit in carry on. You should pay attention to make it simple with pockets and dividers and focus on the straps and belt as much as anything else.

Then you should pick up a destination that interests you and make plans or bookings on how to get there. Do some research before you get there, so you have some ideas how to get around, what's interesting to visit or do at your destination and how to stay safe if need be.

Also keep in mind that the best thing about backpacking is that you get to plan your whole trip.

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