How to Carry Legal Drugs on an Plane?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces rules on liquids designed to ensure the safety of passengers on airplanes.The rules include limits on the size of liquid containers passengers can carry. Many drugs come in bottles larger than the size TSA considers safe, so the U.S. government has developed programs to meet the needs of passengers who are sick or have medical conditions that require drug flights.Screening requirements still apply, but travelers don't have to worry about carrying a prescription onboard. You can put the drugs in the secure travel backpack.

How to Carry Legal Drugs on an Plane


If appropriate, keep prescription liquids in a quart-sized, zip-lock, resealable, transparent bag in your carry-on luggage.If the medication doesn't work, just put the container in the trunk.Liquid drugs are not subject to TSA rules on container size.


Put the pills in a carry on backpack.The TSA allows you to take medication on board, but requires security personnel to screen for it.


Let the TSA officer know if you have more drugs in the bottle than the authorities allow. Passengers transporting medications in containers that comply with TSA size guidelines do not have to declare medications.The permitted container sizes may change, so contact the TSA for the latest information.

How to Carry Legal Drugs on an Plane


Allows TSA officials to scan bottles for drugs that exceed the permitted size limit.The scans will ensure to officers that the fluid does not contain material that could be potentially dangerous to other passengers.You can ask the safety officer to visually inspect the drug instead of scanning it.


Show the TSA a letter from your doctor explaining why you need the medication.TSA does not need this step, but authorities recommend that it speed up the screening process.

Last but no least

Bring only the prescription with your name on it.TSA officials will compare the name on the drug label with the name on your boarding pass.If the names do not match, the TSA officer will ask why.

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