How to Choose a Laptop Sleeve Case?

The laptop sleeve bag can effectively protect the computer, avoid scratches on the back of the computer and the four corners, and reduce the number of times to go to the warranty shop.

The laptop sleeve bag and the backpack have their own usage scenarios, and they are not simply a substitute for each other. The inner bag pays attention to simplicity and lightness. In the case of satisfying the protection of the computer, try to reduce other redundant design elements to be regarded as a good inner bag.

How to Choose a Laptop Sleeve Case?

1. Protect the computer

Computers are sophisticated objects. Today's computers are becoming more beautiful and thinner. If you put a hard object such as a computer and a key together, carelessness will leave a scratch on the back of the computer. At this time, the role of the inner bag is revealed. You can put the backpack casually, and all the protection depends on the inner tank.

Some schoolbags do not have a dedicated computer compartment. If there are sharp things like umbrellas and keys in the schoolbag, and then put the computer in at this time, it will easily cause scratches.

Therefore, students and business people are the first people who are more suitable for liner bags. They already have a backpack. At this time, they only need to put the computer in the bag and throw it into the bag. No longer have to worry about the computer being scratched.

2. Easy to carry

Some office workers mainly work in coffee shops (such as Starbucks) that are more accessible from home, or office locations such as makerspaces. Under these circumstances, they only need to bring a computer, charger and a notebook to fully meet the office needs.

If you wear a large backpack at this time, it will be bloated and troublesome. At this time, the inner bag can not only meet the needs of protection, but also meet the needs of lightness. A relaxed, chic, self-maintaining office state at any time.

Matein Protective Laptop Cover Bag

How to choose the best latop sleeve case?

Before buying a liner bag, you must understand where you often use the liner bag. If you often use your laptop outdoors, you should choose a shock-proof and waterproof design when choosing an inner bag. If it is mainly used during daily commuting, such as taking the subway or taking the bus, then you should choose a style that is convenient to pick up.

If you need to carry a mouse, power connector, data cable and other accessories when you carry your laptop, and you don't have a backpack, you should give priority to a bag with a storage design when purchasing an inner bag.

How to choose the size?

laptop sleeve bag is not as big as possible. When many people buy an inner bag for the first time, because they also carry accessories such as a mouse and data cable, they usually tend to buy an inner bag with a storage design. However, the larger the liner bag is not the better, because too large storage space will definitely affect the overall portability of the liner bag. The larger the storage space, the larger the gap between the inner bag and the notebook, and the reduction in shock absorption. In this case, it is recommended to use the computer bag and the inner bag together.

Matein Protective Laptop Cover Bag

Generally speaking, choose according to the size of the computer screen. For example, if the screen size is 15.6-inch, choose a 15.6-inch liner bag. 

How to choose the material?

The fabric of the inner bag mainly depends on whether it is waterproof, wear-resistant and has a certain degree of shock resistance. Needless to say, waterproof, electronic products such as computers are afraid of water. When going out and encountering rainy days, the waterproof inner bag can provide enough protection for the computer. You know, computer water is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Generally speaking, the higher the density of the material, the better the waterproof performance, so when looking at the inner bag, try to choose those high-density materials. Anti-seismic ability is also very important. The inner bag with good anti-seismic ability allows you to put your computer in any place without worry.



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