How to choose a tennis backpack?

Many amateur tennis players believe that the only equipment for tennis is rackets and balls, as well as sneakers and uniforms. But for professional players, tennis smart backpack are also very important. Because the tennis bag can handle a lot of odds and ends. You can put the towels, sweat bands, shower gel, shampoo, clothes, shoes, your mobile phone, watch, keys, etc. that you need when playing golf.

It has different areas for you to place these items, which not only facilitates your access, but also protects your racket to a certain extent. So, if you really want to play tennis, a tennis bag can bring you better tennis pleasure.

When choosing a tennis bag, pay attention to combining your actual needs, there is no need to pursue large capacity. One side of the tennis bag should have a racket, and the other side should have a relatively large space for your clothes, shoes, etc. Therefore, for wet clothes, dirty shoes, shower gel, shampoo, and towels must be separate For the moisture-proof belt, there is also a compartment for mobile phones, watches and the like. There is a relatively large space for a tennis bag, and there is a small independent space.

When you buy a tennis bag, you must consider how many rackets, balls, and other odds and ends you usually need to play. This way you can decide what size tennis bag to buy. It is also worth noting that tennis bags are divided into double shoulders and single shoulders. When you buy a bag, it is best to choose according to the weight of the items you bring with you and your personal preferences.

MATEIN Tennis Racket Bag, Suitable for Children, Teenagers and Adults:

  1. Tennis racket pocket: hold two 27 inch tennis rackets; There is a fixed belt, which can fix the tennis racket;
  2. Separate and ventilated tennis shoe compartment: separate shoes from other items;
  3. XL main compartment: enough to accommodate books, sweatshirts, clothes, towels, grip straps, wrist guards, etc.
  4. Fence hook: very suitable for keeping the backpack away from the court;
  5. Mesh side pockets on both sides of the backpack: an elastic band on the top can firmly fix the sports kettle;
  6. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps and contoured air mesh pads provide maximum dry comfort;
  7. Made of strong and durable nylon material., professional sports fabric, lightweight and compact Unisex design.
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