How to choose luggage for business trip?

Many business men have best business laptop backpacks. For some business men, the time spent on business trips is longer than sitting in the office. Some people need to travel frequently for work. Therefore, choosing a good luggage will greatly reduce the labor of traveling for people who travel frequently. So, how to choose luggage for business trip?

Generally speaking, according to the length of the business trip, the choice of luggage is also particular.

1. The travel time is 2-3 days

Generally speaking, there are not many items to be carried on a short-term business trip. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a travel backpack with better flexibility at this time. A medium-sized travel backpack can hold two or three sets of change of clothes, toiletries and a laptop. You can also bring a business briefcase at the same time, which can be used when meeting customers. The combination of a travel backpack and a briefcase is very suitable for short-term business trips.

How to choose luggage for business trip?

2. The travel time is about a week

If the travel time is about one week, it is recommended to choose a large-capacity trolley case. For the size of the trolley case, you can choose 20 or 22 inches. A 20-inch trolley case can hold 4-6 sets of summer clothes and 3-5 sets in winter. This luggage can fully meet the needs of business trips. And if you carry a trolley case under 22 inches, you don’t need to check in as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight when you fly. This makes it more convenient to travel.

How to choose luggage for business trip?

3. Travelling for more than one week

If you are on a long-term business trip, you need to carry a lot of clothes. It is recommended to choose a trolley suitcase with a size of 24 inches or more. There are also a lot of stuffs that can be accommodated, which meets the needs of long business trips. However, the 24-inch trolley case must be checked in when flying. Therefore, you need to pay attention arrive at the airport in advance to avoid missing the flight.

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