How to Choose the Best Briefcase for Men?

A great business briefcase will get you through the corporate world faster than you can say "Good morning CEO."But is the briefcase wrong? You can crash and burn like Enron.So here are three things to look for and three things to avoid.

How to Choose the Best Briefcase for Men?

Look for 3 things:

  • Material + Style

A great briefcase's job is to set you apart, help you get promoted or win key accounts.Choose a briefcase that suits your environment: Black is still the new black for the corporate world, although gentlemen can wear brown when they go out.For more creative environments, you can try using color or form.

Unless you plan to buy a new slim briefcase every three months, your briefcase will grow more beautiful with age.There's a market for old-fashioned briefcases, and it's easy to see why: they still look great.Often, you'll find great verdigris in great materials: thick leather, thick canvas, even aluminum.

  • Discipline volume

A briefcase is about your work bag, not your travel bag.It should remain bony and disciplined - the taller you are, the thinner your briefcase becomes - and always focus on the tools of the job.Figure out what you need to bring to work and what isn't absolutely necessary. For groceries, shopping habits, sleepovers, and other load-bearing activities: Yes, just bring another bag.

How to Choose the Best Briefcase for Men

  • Protection

A good briefcase will protect your (company's) assets.Inside, your paper needs something sturdy and flat, while high-tech products like laptops and phones need softer, crash-proof protection.Confidential files. Confidential files require another form of protection: locks and indestructible structures.And, of course, nuclear football, which is its own league!

3 Things to Need to Avoid:

  • Cheap Nylon

Nylon is ideal for backpacks, slung and tents.For briefcases: Not always.You can buy high-end body armor if you like.Canvas, leather, aluminum or even carbon fiber are more classic options.This is the only time you'll travel the world, backpack through countless travel challenges, and still use it.The possible exception out of the office is when you carefully clean the bag, don't scratch it along the surface, so it always looks like it was purchased.Sorry, most of us are usually too mundane about this.

  •  Too many pockets

Some briefcases are carefully designed to hold everything.Unless you are a control freak, you will lose track of where you are going and the briefcase will look more like a tool bag.

  • Lack of Form

An empty bag is usually too scary for a person.On the other hand, too full a bag can be intimidating.If you have the chance, buy a briefcase that stands on its own, doesn't collapse when there's nothing in it, and doesn't look like a bag of nails when it's full -- fine patterns and sturdy materials will help here.

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