How to pack a suit in a backpack?

Business trip is a necessary itinerary for every business person, and a suit is also a necessary equipment for business activities, but for many men, it is often very difficult to carry a suit with best business laptop backpack. It is easy to wrinkle and lose shape in the box. If the hotel has ironing equipment or services, it can be solved; if not, it is simply a nightmare.

Today, I’m here to introduce you to several ways to fit suits, backpacks or suitcases correctly, so that your journey is no longer a nightmare.

(1)Note when using the first method:
When using this method to fold, it is necessary to ensure that there is a certain amount of movement space when the suitcase is pulled up, otherwise it will be easy to press the shoulder part of the suit into deep folds, which will affect the wearing effect. If there is a nylon spring belt in the middle of the suitcase, you can put the suit on the nylon spring belt after folding in the seventh step. In addition, be careful to smooth out all wrinkles when folding. It is recommended to fold on a smooth table or bed.

How to pack a suit in a backpack?

(2)The second method is more suitable for suits with lighter materials and regular tailoring, such as casual suits.

The biggest problem with this folding method is that there will be creases when unfolded again, but the creases will be staggered in an orderly manner, which has little effect on the shape of the garment.

This folding method is recommended, on the one hand because it is easy to learn, and on the other hand, because it occupies a relatively small area and is very practical when the suitcase is crowded.

How to pack a suit in a backpack?

(3)The third method should pay attention to make the curve as smooth as possible during the rolling process, and don't put too much cushion in the middle.

This will ensure that the clothes have less wrinkles and creases after opening your large travel backpack. This method also takes up relatively little space and can be used when the luggage on a business trip cannot fit.

How to pack a suit in a backpack?

(4) Finally, if you have high requirements for packing your suit, we suggest you buy a garment bag to pack your own suit.

Matein Suit Garment Bag is a unisex product which comes with fantastic durability and waterproof ability. Multi-functional pockets fits all of your documents and accessories well. It's your best choice to choose Matein garment bag!

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