How to prepare a backpack for air travel?

How to prepare a backpack for air travel?
Before arriving at your destination, standing in a long queue at the airport waiting for security is often exhausted. The US Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has suggested some practical packing techniques that can help passengers to be like travel experts to properly install all equipment, accessories, and chargers so that they can quickly pass airport security.

1. Layered packaging
Put a layer of clothing in your carry on backpack first, then install the electronic equipment, and then stack a layer of clothing so that security personnel can easily see what is in the bag. When you need to open your luggage when you arrive at your destination, this packing method is also better than unruled packing.

2. Wind the wires well
During the security check, the messy wires may look like dangerous goods from a certain angle, which provokes a more thorough and time-consuming unpacking inspection. It is best to wrap the wires around the device. All the chargers are packed in one bag (a electronic organizer is great), and rubber bands or plastic metal wires can be used to prevent them from being entangled.

3. Carry large electrical appliances
Larger laptops and DVD players must be taken out during security checks. Don’t pack large electrical appliances in your checked baggage. First, it can easily damage your electrical appliances; second, security personnel may still take them out for inspection.

4. Small-sized electrical devices need not be taken out of the package
Don't forget that devices such as tablets, e-readers, and laptops smaller than 13 inches do not need to be taken out of the carry-on luggage during the security check. Other electronic devices need to be placed in plastic baskets to check.

5. Prepare a Matein Large Travel Backpack
Of course, you can also prepare a "Matein large travel backpack" (Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags) for your laptop, so that you can go through the inspection smoothly without opening the bag.

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