How to store women's bags?

Many women often have a headache about how to store their bags and smart backpacks. Because we know that most fashionable ladies' bags are made of leather, so under normal circumstances, ladies' bags cannot be folded. How to store these ladies' bags has become a subject. Here are a few tips for your reference:

1. If you have favorite canvas bags, this ladies bag can be folded freely and is not easy to deform. We can roll canvas bags into a roll and store them according to the shade of color. If you need any color bags, it is very convenient to find.

How to store women's bags?

2. Small bags can be stored in large bags, this method is very suitable for hard leather bags. In this way, it's not only help you maximize the space that you have, but also serves as a filler for large bags.

3. Make your own storage bags by yourself. You can prepare some fabric first, and cut it according to about twice the size of the bag. After cutting, fold the cloth in half from the middle, and stitch the joints at both ends, so that a simple storage bag is ready. After making the storage bags, you can put your bags in these storage bags.

4. Purchase a special storage box

There are many items on the market that specialize in storing hot topic bags, and their biggest advantage is to save space. Very suitable for those who have a lot of bags. As long as it is stored in a bag, or hung in a closet, or placed at the bottom of the closet, it can be used instead of placing it alone. This storage can also prevent the bag from deforming.

How to store women's bags?

5. Use hooks cleverly

The most common method of storing bags with hooks. Buy some long hooks, and you can hang several bags with one hook. Or buy a hook with multiple small hooks on it, then your bag can be hung in a row. In addition, install hooks on the sides of dressers and shelves.

In fact, there are many ways to store your bags. You can also use your cleverness to think about how to better store your bags, which can protect your bags and save space!

How to store women's bags?

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