How to Travel With Contact Lenses?

Traveling with contact lenses can be so cumbersome that some people prefer to leave their contact lenses at home and just wear glasses. With a little preparation, however, you don't have to bother traveling with contact lenses. You can put your glasses into the smart backpack and  wear a contact on your next trip and look your best. What's more, traveling with contacts will save you money because you can wear any old shades without having to buy expensive prescription sunglasses.

How to Travel With Contact Lenses

Step 1 

Please take out your contact person before departure. The air inside the plane can dehydrate the lenses, making them very uncomfortable to wear, especially during a nap during a flight. Glasses are more comfortable.

Step 2

Purchase travel-sized contact lens solution bottles and re-wetting drops to meet the liquid limits on the aircraft. It is best to carry eye care products with you rather than purchase them at your destination, as some brands may not work where you are going. Familiar products may have different formulations and may not be compatible with your lenses or eyes.

How to Travel With Contact Lenses

Step 3

Pack a contact lens solution, wetting drops and glasses in your carry on backpack to avoid problems caused by delayed or lost baggage.

Step 4

In case you lose it, please take more pairs of lens.

Step 5

Bring the latest prescription for your lenses. Some countries, such as France, require a prescription to buy replacement lenses.Others, such as Italy, do not.

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