How to use TSA Lock?

Generally speaking, we take a secure travel backpack with us when we travel, so that there is room for clothes, shoes and so on, and it is also used to carry all kinds of gifts home. At present, many foreign places use TSA customs locks to ensure the safety of suitcases. Many people may not know TSA customs locks well.It doesn't matter. Now let's see how TSA customs locks are used. What are the pros and cons of TSA customs locks?

how to use TSA lock

How to use TSA lock?

With more and more high-grade rod box, its password lock also began to meet international standards. Now the high-grade password lock is the international general TSA customs key lock, there is no key, the edge of the keyhole is dedicated to the customs, the key in the customs there, we usually lock with the password. So, how do you reset the password?

Tools/materials: one rod box (with TSA lock), one ballpoint pen.

First, press down the dots with the tip of the pen. The initial password is: 000. If you have changed your password, be sure to dial the correct password before you do this. Press the password key to set the password you want to set. The usual password is three digits. After the password is set, turn the lock to press the twist, hear a "drop", the dot bounced up.Password set successful. It seems simple enough, so friends can try it.

How to use TSA Lock

What are the pros and cons of TSA customs locks?

The customs lock is refers to the customs for the safety monitoring of transit luggage and baggage, must ensure that the goods in the process of transportation safety and use of a universal TSA special keys, if it is to go abroad, and without the TSA lock of customs, the customs can't use general customs keys to open the box, it is likely our cases will be forced open, this will damage our rolling back pack, and rough inspection also can damage our valuables in the box.

But if is the domestic customs, in situations where we have a TSA lock,The Chinese customs is unable to open our boxes. They must obtain the permission of the owner to open them, so as to ensure the safety of the boxes and the contents as much as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Customs lock has both advantages and disadvantages, and its purpose is to help us keep goods at the customs inspection, property, security, protect their legitimate rights and interests. If we don't want to be with you when you travel goods destroyed, that's as far as possible the use of the TSA customs locks, have red diamond logo of the front side of the lock, the key is at the bottom of the corresponding key number, as long as you see this sign the customs will as far as possible the fair treatment of our luggage, but the disadvantages of it is a bit tedious, and every hurdle inspectors can open our suitcase,If we change the password by ourselves, we should remember it accurately to avoid the unnecessary trouble caused by forgetting the password.

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