Pre-Flight Checklist for Travelers

If you've ever arrived at an airport only to find that you forgot to bring the necessary documents or items for your trip, you know the value of a pre-flight checklist. When creating a list, you should be aware of the airline's requirements and safety regulations to prevent frustration on arrival. Add anything you might need to the list.

Pre-Flight Checklist for Travelers

Registered Luggage

Keep a list of what goes into your luggage in case the airline loses it. Pack liquids in plastic bottles sealed in plastic travel toiletry bag to prevent accidental leakage. Pack light.Airlines have weight limits and charge for excess baggage. Smart backpack will also make it easier to maneuver around the airport.Some airlines charge for checked baggage, so you can save money by limiting your bags.

Carry-on Bags

Pack a carry-on bag that can be placed under your seat or in the overhead compartment. Most airlines limit the size to 22 inches high, 14 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Check with your airline for the latest transport safety management requirements for items you may be carrying. At issue, gels, liquids and aerosols are limited to 3 ounces.Or below, sealed in a quart sized plastic bag, which you must remove from the bag at a security check point.

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On the plane

If you have special needs, please get a seat assignment from the airline as soon as possible before your departure date. Pack a variety of reading materials and snacks in carry-on bags for easy access during the flight. If you are traveling with a baby, only bring the formula or baby food you need to take you to your destination. Bring a blanket or coat in case the plane gets too cold. Bring disinfecting wipes to clean your desk, armrests, and seat belts.


Purchase the ticket under the exact name on your identification.Provide a boarding pass and photo ID for security checks. Before you travel, read the TSA rules carefully. Guns and sharp tools are prohibited on airplanes. Gifts carried should not be wrapped. Wear shoes that are easy to unload at security checkpoints. If you're worried about walking barefoot on the airport floor, wear socks. Before you go through the sieve, remove the heavy jewelry, change, keys, cell phones and pagers. The computer will be scanned separately.


Please arrive at the airport two hours before departure time for check-in and security procedures. Check your checked baggage for the correct airport code.Keep your phone and charger in a carry-on bag in case of delay or lost luggage.Carry cash, fragile items, undeveloped film and labeled prescription drugs with you on the plane.

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