What items must be brought when traveling is an important knowledge that we must learn when traveling. With the increasing development of tourism, tourism has become the first choice for leisure and relaxation. Whether it is around the place of residence or across the ocean, smart travel bags play a very important role in tourism. Should I bring a suitcase or a travel bag for a short-term trip? Below MATEIN will take you to understand this travel preparation knowledge.

Suitcase or Travel Backpack, which one is better for short-term travel

Traveling often brings a lot of things. At this time, it is necessary to have a good suitcase or travel bag. When you leave your hometown for a long journey, or do things or visit, or devote yourself to nature enjoying the sun and rain, you can use your luggage to pack daily necessities or anything you want to bring with you so that you can carry it easily. Travel bags can be divided into backpacks, handbags and travel toiletry bags; suitcases generally include portable suitcases and trolley cases. When choosing, you should consider the volume and style, in addition, you should also consider factors such as the user's figure and body shape and the weight-bearing capacity.

Suitcase or Travel Backpack, which one is better for short-term travel

Family trips: During the festive season, there are a lot of trips, especially for families. These are mostly group trips. Needless to say, a trolley case is essential. As for the size of your choice, it depends on your actual situation. At the same time, you also need a large travel backpack. When you arrive at a place, put the luggage in the hotel. When you travel to the scenic spots, you need to carry the backpack, bring some urgently needed supplies, and some entertainment supplies such as cameras, mobile phones, wallets, etc. Put it inside and take it with you.

Traveling alone in a group: This mainly depends on the length of time. Generally, if you spend two or three days with freedom, then a backpack is enough. If it is 5 days to 1 week, then it is best to choose a trolley case or a trolley bag. Participate in mountaineering and cross-country trekking: At this time, you must choose a travel backpack. Only a travel backpack can free your hands and maintain your body balance during the journey, while ignoring the quality of the terrain and moving forward smoothly.

The above is MATEIN's introduction to everyone about whether to bring a suitcase or a travel bag for a short-term trip. I hope that through our introduction, everyone can better choose whether to carry a suitcase or a travel bag when traveling.