The Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

If you want to buy a best travel backpack, you are likely to come across wheeled backpacks during the search and wonder if they are suitable for your trip. Like most things, backpacks with wheels have advantages and disadvantages, so we think we should list the advantages and disadvantages of backpacks with wheels!

The Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

The Pros of Wheeled Backpacks

1. Versatility - this is probably the most obvious advantage of this type of bag... versatility. Wheeled back pack provide travelers with two different carrying options, so you can push it around like a suitcase, or carry it on your back like a backpack.
2. Give your back a rest - if you have back problems or don't like to carry your bag for a long time, a wheeled backpack is a good choice for luggage. If you belong to one or two of the above camps, you may be tempted to snap up a backpack on wheels for travel, because you may decide that you would rather push your bag most of the time. However, when you encounter dirt roads and rugged terrain, you may need to throw it on your back, but hopefully this is only short-term.
3. Appearance - There is no regulation on choosing a bag for the gap year, but most travelers tend to choose a backpack. If you personally prefer to carry a suitcase, but don't want to be picky by sophisticated travelers and hardcore backpackers, then a backpack with wheels is a good choice. They look like travel backpacks, but have suitcase wheels and tow handles (depending on the suitcase model), so you can get the best of both worlds. They also designed special travel-related features that you won’t find on the suitcase, such as a detachable backpack!
4. Very suitable for airports and railway stations - In busy airports and train stations, sometimes pushing your bag is tricky and quite frustrating. With a wheeled backpack, you only need to untie the shoulder strap and carry it on your back to travel faster and easier. Similarly, if you have to carry your bag at large stations and airports, you may find that you like to push it and let your back rest.

The Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

The Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

1.Weight - With wheels and sometimes a handle, it’s no wonder that most backpacks with wheels weigh about 4 kg or more. But if you don’t plan to put it on your back for a long time, and the plan is mainly to push it, then weight may not be that important to you. However, if you want to reduce the weight of your luggage to avoid additional luggage costs, a wheeled backpack will occupy about a quarter of your luggage allowance before you start packing.
2. Comfort -This is not all rolling backpacks, because some are equipped with an adjustable back system, but many have only a fixed back system. The fixed back system does not allow users to adjust them to fit their height and configuration, so comfort may be an issue. Another feature, it can be a problem with the comfort of the wheels, this is when you use the bag like a suitcase, but you may find them dig a little, which may become very uncomfortable. You have been carrying it with you for a while After time!
3. Ease of use - most types of travel backpacks are relatively easy to use and are equipped with an extended towing handle. However, some models do not have this feature, which may be a bit embarrassing if you are tall. If you buy a wheeled backpack without extended handles, you may find that you have to bend down to reach the top handle to pull it over. However, buying a wheeled backpack with retractable handles can easily solve this problem.
4. Not suitable for hiking this may or may not be related to you, but for travelers who hike in the gap year, a backpack with wheels is not a good choice. This is mainly because most backpacks do not have an adjustable back system. When you carry a bag for hours or days, you really want to make sure that it can provide good comfort and support. Another problem is weight, because you need to make your bag as light and portable as possible, and when you are halfway up the mountain, wheels are definitely not a practical function!

 The Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks


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