The TSA Baggage Restrictions

TSA doesn't try to make life hard -- but, as adventure travelers know, packing your smart backpack can be more frustrating than an eight-hour flight in the middle seat.The TSA is kept in good condition through careful packaging. Not sure if carry-on items are ok? Don't just guess: Get the answer directly from the TSA before you leave home.

The TSA Baggage Restrictions

Pack liquids, gels and aerosols

By now, many travelers are familiar with the TSA's liquid rule, commonly known as the 3-1-1 rule.It limits the amount of liquids, gels and aerosols passengers can pack in tote bags.(The rules do not apply to checked baggage, so passengers can pack large bottles of shampoo and toothpaste without hesitation.When you travel internationally, check the laws of your country/region before packing alcohol in your checked tsa friendly backpack.Pack qualified material and check the dimensions of each container. Each container must not be larger than 3.4 ounces, and all containers must be packed in a 1-quart bag.Such large bags fill quickly, which is why travelers must be careful about how they are packed and how they are packed.

Take this as an opportunity, try to replace a few commonly used bath articles for use. Pack a solid deodorant instead of a spray or gel formula and bring a bunch of soap and a can of solid odor instead of a liquid body wash and liquid perfume or cologne.Please note that any replacement packaged will also not be considered a liquid, gel or aerosol.Consider, for example, packaging dry shampoo as a liquid alternative? Not if you're in a spray can.

These rules do not only apply to cleaning products.If you can spread, smear, or squirt, it matters -- so wrap peanut butter, yogurt, applesauce, and other less solid foods in 3-1-1.The TSA does rule out exceptions for medically necessary fluids and fluids used to feed infants.That means your breast milk, insulin, and prescription creams can all be packed in larger than 3.4 ounces in carry-on items, rather than being packed in a one-quart bag.In any case, pack these exemption items near the top of your carry-on, as you will have to unpack them for inspection.

The TSA Baggage Restrictions

Avoid confiscation

TSA carry-on rules control not only liquids, gels and aerosols.Some items don't fit in a tote bag at all - usually because they can be used as weapons in aircraft cabins.Check only certain types of sports equipment, such as baseball bats and ski poles.Sharp objects must also follow the rules of carry-on;Most types, such as multiple knives and scissors with blades longer than 4 inches, must be checked.Guns must also be checked and, crucially, check airline travel requirements for guns before you bring them to the airport.

Some TSA guidelines leave some leeway - for example, what if the scissors you're carrying happen to have a 4-inch blade?-- Thus, the TSA agent can make some judgments.However, if they report something and do not allow carry-on items to pass through security, you will have to throw it away or find a way to put it in checked baggage.

Most of the TSA's carry-on items can be packed in checked baggage, with one notable exception: e-cigarettes, e-cigarette devices and lighters can only be packed in carry-on luggage.Loose lithium-ion batteries may also be portable.

Follow THE TSA baggage policy

Yes, the TSA enforces strict rules about how passengers pack their bags, but at least its agents don't care about the bags themselves.TSA doesn't really regulate the size, shape and type of baggage passengers bring through security.Between you and the airline.So, for example, TSA won't object if you enter security with a carry-on bag larger than the airline allows.

However, the locks used to secure luggage do affect the TSA.The agent has the right to open and inspect your baggage.Many manufacturers make suitcase locks that TSA agents can unlock with a master key.If the lock on your checked luggage does not fit the key, security personnel may cut it off - making your bag unsafe.Be sure to select TSA-approved locks.

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