Tips for traveling with pets

People who own pets may have such a good wish: take a large travel backpack and pet to travel, and spend a very pleasant journey with it. It's very great that your pets can follow you to watch snow-capped mountains, played skiing and surfing on the water, etc.

At the same time, we have 8 tips for you when travel with your pets. You can have a better journey.

Tips for traveling with pets

1. These kinds of pets are recommended not to go out: pets that have not been immunized have poor resistance and should not go out. It is best not to go out if your girl pet is in estrus period, which it's easy to conceive. Sick or old pets are weak and should not exercise vigorously outdoors. Very timid or aggressive pets should be carefully guarded and controlled when going out to avoid danger.

2. Never leave pets alone in the car. A few minutes of sultry heat can cause fatal suffocation.

3. Don't let him overeat before setting off. This is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, and may also cause stomach torsion. If the journey is long, overeating pets may vomit severely due to motion sickness.

4. Bring your pet's favorite snacks in your big backpacks and comfort your pet when necessary.

5. During the journey, taking him out of the car to let him exercise or drink water when it's at a proper time.

Tips for traveling with pets6. It is best to wear foot covers and mouth covers for pets to avoid being irritable in a closed car for a long time. It may scratching and biting things randomly.

7. It is best to sit in a seat with a film or sun visor on the window glass to prevent long-term direct sunlight from harming pets.

8. After arriving at the destination, put an information card on the pet and write the name and phone number of the pet owner to prevent your pet from losing.

9. The unfamiliar environment is full of potential uncertainties, so remember to bring a pet leash. It can also prevent falling into a pit or hole or cliff. In addition to this, there are two very dangerous situations for pets running around: One is that they may frighten the children of other tourists, and the other is that they may be bitten and beaten by local dogs. So remember to bring a pet leash.


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