Many people like to travel with large travel backpacks or suitcases, so checked luggage becomes an important thing. What kind of suitcase should I choose when checking luggage?

There are many kinds of luggage materials on the market, and there are three kinds of materials of aluminum-magnesium alloy, PC and cloth.

What kind of luggage material is better when checking in luggage?

If you say that it is resistant to fall, the strongest is actually the soft suitcase made of Oxford cloth, because the fabric is not easy to be broken and is relatively strong, but it may not look as good as the hardside luggage. The PC material in the hardside luggage is stronger and resistant to fall, but not as strong as Oxford cloth. Nylon cloth are also fall-resistant materials,such as rolling backpacks.

The aluminum-magnesium alloy material is more resistant to impact, but not as good as the pc material. A heavy fall may cause the luggage to be deformed, making it impossible to open or close the luggage.

If you have valuable items that you are afraid of falling, it is recommended to choose a hardside luggage, but you must choose a good quality. Because if you leave valuables in the softside luggage, the valuables are easy to crack, break or get dirty. You only need someone else’s heavy luggage, a big falling, or a grumpy baggage handler to know how easy things are to break in a softside luggage. But if there are no valuables, it is better to choose Oxford cloth or nylon material.

What kind of luggage material is better when checking in luggage?

What kind of luggage material is better for checked luggage? The answer is not absolute. Sometimes it depends on the quality of the luggage. Most airport consignments are tossing luggage around, so you must choose sturdy and high-quality luggage to withstand violent transportation. When purchasing a trolley case, you can choose the appropriate trolley case according to your needs.

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What kind of luggage material is better when checking in luggage?