How to stop slipping shoulder strap of a backpack?

Many people have carried backpacks, and have also encountered the situation where the business travel backpack shoulder straps fall off. If the shoulder straps often fall off, it is very inconvenient to travel. So, why does the shoulder strap always slip when the backpack is carried?

The easy slippage of the shoulder strap of a backpack is related to the size, material, and posture of the shoulder strap.

1. The material of the shoulder strap: The easy slippage of the shoulder strap may be related to the material, because many manufacturers on the market now use thin iron chains or heavy plastic straps as their backpacks straps in order to design the better styles. Although this type of material will make the backpack trendy, it is not practical. Because there is not much friction with the shoulder, it is easy to slip shoulders. It is recommended to choose fabric shoulder straps that will be more practical.

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2. The size of the shoulder strap: Another reason may be related to the size of the shoulder strap. Because in addition to the wider and thicker shoulder straps of student schoolbags and mountaineering bags, many slim backpacks have narrowed and smaller shoulder straps for aesthetic reasons, and some shoulder straps have even become cylindrical. Therefore, this type of shoulder strap can easily travel up the shoulders, causing it to slip off. We recommend choosing a backpack with a wide shoulder straps.

How to stop slipping shoulder strap of a backpack?

3. The posture of the backpack is wrong: when carrying a backpack, the back should be straight. If the back is curved, the bag and back are empty, and the shoulder straps will easily fall off. Walk with your back straight and the length of the straps is appropriate, so the shoulder straps will naturally not fall off.

How to stop slipping shoulder strap of a backpack?

The straps of backpacks are generally adjustable, and can be adjusted according to their height. The proper length is that the backpack is close to the back and the bottom is aligned with the waist. If the straps are too long and the length of the large travel backpack is below people's butt, the shoulder straps will easily fall off and will also increase the burden on the shoulders.

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