Would You Bring a Luxury Bag to College Classes?

With the widespread publicity on social media, many girls have fantasized about owning a high-end bag, such as LV, coach and other luxury bags. So as students, is it necessary for us to bring a high-end customized bag to class?

Before you want to buy a high-end customized bag, you need to ask yourself a few questions to analyze whether you really need to spend a lot of money, or even take a loan to buy a lady bags.

Would You Bring a Luxury Bag to College Classes?

1. If the label of the famous brand is cut off, will it still be my taste?
As fashion lovers, it is certain that our inner Sybarite will occasionally appear. There is nothing shameful. Most of the designer's things are beautiful, but if the things you buy just to buy labels are really not your taste, isn't it silly?

2. If social media doesn't exist, will I still want it?
We don’t want to assume that you will buy anything expensive just wnat to let people know. Are you buying a LV handbag because you really like it, or because you want others to know that you own it?

If you buy these designer bags, then you will be able to truly enjoy them without posting them on social media. If the answer is no, you may need to think about it.

Would You Bring a Luxury Bag to College Classes?

3. Will buying this brand-name bag cause you trouble?
Another thing that needs to be clarified: Will this expensive purchase cause real problems for you? Do you need to save months of money to get an expensive bag? Or can't pay your phone bill or student loan after purchase? If so, it is best not to buy it for now.

You can try to save a little every month, and when you have enough money, you can seriously consider whether you need to buy this expensive bag.

4. Will I actually use it often?
There is nothing wrong with treating special occasions again and again. But for really expensive purchases, you are worth calculating the cost of each wear, especially if the product may not fit your lifestyle.

Would You Bring a Luxury Bag to College Classes?
This question not only uses the purchase of expensive bags, but also applies to the issues to be considered before buying any expensive things. If you are a preschool teacher who will never wear high heels to work, then buying a pair of expensive high heels may not make much sense to you. We don’t need to spend our hard-earned money on things in the closet.

There are many niche-branded bags on the market that are worth your digging. Some practical bags and school laptop backpacks can be found on Amazon or social media. Many times when you buy an expensive brand bag, you are not willing to pack a lot of books, it is more of a decorative effect.

As a college student, compared with high school students, there are lockers in high school. College students need to carry a lot of books and laptops with them. Personally sepaking, a comfortable and practical student backpack with padding support should be your first choice.
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