3 Minutes Tells You the Correct Way to Use Outdoor Backpack (b)

Side of the body: Stretch mesh bag

When climbing a mountain, the thing that needs to take with the hand is too much: small snack, energy glue, water cup, garbage bag, etc., these things need to be placed in reach, convenient take the place that take, the stretch net cloth of package body side receives a pocket to help a great deal.

Easy to pick up - On one side or both sides of your smart backpack near the bottom, there is usually a stretch mesh bag, which may be open, or with drawstring or zipper closure. When hiking, it is the most convenient place to pick up and put bits and pieces.

3 Minutes Tells You the Correct Way to Use Outdoor Backpack

Many people also have a small opening on the side of their backpack pocket, which is very convenient for you to get small things like energy glue. You can also push the side compression belt through this small opening and fasten it tightly to better compress the body. In addition, the side pockets of large backpacks have more space and can hold more things, such as books, thin coats, etc. For example, with the side compression bag, you can also put tent poles, trekking poles and other "large".On the side of the big backpack, there will also be a unique design: the kettle warehouse.

Sides of inclusion: Kettle bin

It is a requirement for mountaineers to keep hydrated when climbing, so the kettle can be put away at any time.It is not convenient to carry the kettle from the side pocket with big backpacks, so the design of some large backpack kettle silos should be needed.

Always carry a water bottle -- Many bags have a water bottle on the right side of the bag near the bottom, and some brands have a water bottle that folds and hides, with a stretch loop at the top.When you walk, put it in the kettle. Then wrap the elastic rope around the spout. It's very firm. Backpack side hanging delicate design again and again, the largest area of the front can not be missing?

3 Minutes Tells You the Correct Way to Use Outdoor Backpack

Front of the body: a storage pocket

When climbing mountains should always wear clothes, regulate the temperature; Summer more to prepare raincoats to deal with showers;Climbing snow mountain also needs to take crampons at any time...All of these items need to be quickly and readily accessible, so it's too much of a hassle to put inside your backpack, and a front storage pocket can be a huge help. Use clothes/crampons at any time -- Mountaineers usually have a storage bag on the front of their backpack, or a stretch rope like shoelace that crosses back and forth on the front of the backpack, creating a large space where they can put their spare clothes and raincoats for easy access. The storage pocket of the large backpack has a larger capacity, and the large camp shoes, kneepads and so on can also be put here. Some technology climbing packs turn this stretch pocket into a crampon size for use as a crampon bin. The external points on the side and front of the backpack have been introduced. Finally, there is the bottom of the backpack.

Strap up sleeping pad - In the sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the bag, there are two straps consisting of straps and fasteners. When the packing is almost complete, fold up the sleeping pad and attach it to the bottom of the pack with two strapping straps, which are very strong.

Belt: Work ring

When climbing technical snow mountain, sometimes you need to access the fast hanger, riser, descent device and other technical equipment at any time, in addition to hanging on the seat belt, you can also hang on the technical backpack on the work ring.

Access to technical equipment - Some of the technical backpacks have work rings on their belts in addition to their Fanny packs, where you can hang your technical equipment and use it whenever you need it.

Backpacks, not just stuff

The last century has seen a revolution in backpack design that goes beyond simply "packing". Every detail contains valuable experience of mountain-friends, endowing the backpack with more functions and expanding the extension of the backpack.

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