5 Essential Items for Nurses

If you are a nursing student or a new nurse, you may want to know what you need in class or at work. One of the basic qualities of a nurse is to always be prepared for accidents. The best way to do this is to make sure you have the right tools on hand to do the job. The things listed below are essential.

1. Choose a medical bag
All nurses need bags to hold necessities. A professional nurse bag can provide enough pockets to store things. We believe that having the right bag is half the battle! As a nurse, this is even more important, because you will eventually need to carry a many items, including your books, notes, stethoscope, dressing, beauty products, personal hygiene products, and life-sustaining food. You may need to live in a hospital for a few days, so nurse work bag is even more important for you.

5 Essential Items for Nurses

2. Stethoscope and scissors
The importance of the stethoscope is self-evident. Consider buying your own stethoscope instead of using the disposable stethoscope that the classroom may provide. This not only reduces medical waste, but usually you will have a better quality stethoscope to better evaluate your patients.

5 Essential Items for Nurses

Bandage scissors are used to cut medical gauze, dressings, bandages, etc. Although hospitals and doctors' offices are equipped with nursing scissors, it is always a good idea to keep a handy pair of scissors in your bag. Medical tape, gauze, cotton swabs and other things to treat wounds are also indispensable.

3. Hand sanitizer and lotion
Every nurse will never forget to wash hands frequently. Working in a hospital or touching many equipment requires frequent hand washing to reduce the possibility of bacterial invasion. If you forget to buy hand sanitizer, you can also use alcohol cotton pads. These are easy to find on the hospital.

4. Notebook and many pens
Nurses should always keep black pens, pencils, highlighters and dry erase markers in their pockets. Notebooks can be used to record your learning content in order to quickly find the knowledge content you need. When doctors chatter about medical advice or hear unfamiliar things and want to learn later, you will be happy to have a notebook to write them down!

5 Essential Items for Nurses

5. Snacks and water bottles
As a nurse, you may be too busy to have a good lunch or dinner. Always prepare some high-protein, healthy snacks for yourself to reduce the time of hunger. Drinking water is also a necessity of the day. Bring a water bottle and remember to drink water during work to stay hydrated.

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