5 Things to Keep Your Backpack Organized When You Travel

In the past few years, traveling and living with a suitcase, I had to learn some necessary methods of organization. Not only did I learn to pack only what I wanted to wear, but I also learned to keep my backpack organized so that when I needed something, I wouldn't mess around. Today we will take a look at 5 things that can keep your luggage tidy.

5 Things to Keep Your Backpack Organized When You Travel

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are the best, because they can prevent your luggage from becoming a mess the next day.

The packing box allows you to sort your clothes so that you know where everything is: 1 square box for pants and shorts, 1 square box for t-shirts and vests, 1 square box for sweaters and sweaters, 1 Put socks and underwear in a square box, voila, that's it!

I also recommend packing the cube, at least one side of the grid, so that you can easily see what is inside. I also think this is a good travel gift for friends and family.

Hanging Toiletry Kit

I carry my cosmetics with me when I travel-it will make life easier! Whether you live in a hostel where you can’t disperse everything, or you have your own private bathroom but the counter space is very Limited, this thing is very useful.

Hanging a waterproof toiletry bag not only allows you to put all the things you need in the bathroom in one place, but you can also divide things into several parts to make it easier to find: one part puts toothpaste, toothbrushes and dental floss; you can put travel outfits Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel; etc.

Toiletry Bag Hanging Travel Makeup Bag for Women

Electronic organizer

For the average traveler, this may not be necessary, but if you travel with a lot of electronics, cables, batteries, hard drives and chargers like me and Sam, this is a great way to organize things. .

These storage boxes vary in size and can be easily packed into your checked luggage. In this way, when you need a laptop charger or a spare camera battery, you don't have to rummage in your luggage.

Matein Electronics Travel Organizer

Laundry bag

Because you don't want dirty clothes mixed with clean clothes.

But seriously, I'm sure we all found ourselves stuffing dirty clothes into plastic bags or external luggage pockets more than once.

A travel laundry bag means you can put dirty clothes in one place until you find a laundry shop at your next destination.

Packable Shelves

So this is a fairly new travel product, I haven't had the opportunity to use it myself, but I saw a close-up of it at the press conference in my inbox.

You can put clothes into this three-layer stackable shelf so that when you arrive at your destination, the clothes will not wrinkle, and you can also hang the shelf in the closet.

In my opinion, this kind of clothing is suitable for short weekend trips or carry-on business trips, but not suitable for long-term travel (I often go out for several months at a time, and my clothes cannot fit on three shelves).

Well, these 5 things can help you organize your luggage during your next trip. If you know any other tips, tricks, or useful items, please share them freely in the comment section below.

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