Aesthetic basis for sizing

In daily life, when you contact with any one thing, in the judgment of its existence value, because people's economic status, cultural quality, thought custom, values, such as different and have different aesthetic pursuit, however, one from the form conditions to evaluate a certain things or a modelling design, to the sense of beauty and ugliness in the middle of the most people there is a common consensus, the consensus is based on the objective existence of the rule of beauty.

Aesthetic basis for sizing

In our visual experience, the mast of a sailing ship, the chimney of a factory and the theoretical outline of a tall building are all tall vertical lines, so vertical lines give people a sense of elevation, height and strictness in art.Horizontal lines, on the other hand, are associated with the horizon, plain, sea, etc., thus creating a sense of openness, slowness, calmness and other forms.These common understandings originated from life enable us to gradually discover the basic principles of formal beauty, just as the "golden proportion" discovered from the measurement of Numbers in the western times since ancient Greece has been applied to all fields of artistic works, and it has more important significance in the practice of composition design.

For a single line and color there is no harmony, several elements have the basic commonness and integration is harmony.Also keep part of the harmonious combination of difference, but when the difference is characterized by strong significantly, harmonious contrast to the pattern of the transformation, and transformation is the quality or quantity of contrasts two elements go in - successfully, make the person feel bright and strong sense of touch and still has unified, it can make the theme more bright and more active.The contrast relationship is mainly through the color of the light and shade of the cold and warm, the size of the shape of the thickness, length, radius, the direction of the vertical, horizontal, tilt, the number of many aspects of the number of factors to complete.

 Aesthetic basis for sizing

Therefore, in the smart backpack design from the length or height of the various changes, should be in accordance with the design intention to improve the embodiment.For example, to emphasize the inclusion of a certain direction or high or low, or fat or thin, upper wide and lower narrow or upper narrow and lower wide, and so on, there may be a strong contrast, but also may be balanced performance, but must be balanced, unified and harmonious.

Generally speaking, most new backpack are designed in accordance with the principle of symmetry, with left and right or upper and lower axes of symmetry.Of course, some asymmetrical designs can give inclusion more flexible life.

In addition to following the above elements, the design of components such as large travel backpack on the inclusion body should pay more attention to the quantitative relationship between components and components and between components and the whole, and consider the influence of visual gravity center.

Aesthetic basis for sizing

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