Can you put a desktop computer in checked baggage?

Can I check in if I pack my desktop computer in a best travel backpack or suitcase?

1. From the perspective of aviation safety, it can be as checked luggage. The laptop can be checked in after removing the battery. The battery must be carried with you. If it is a desktop computer, it can only be checked in. As long as the luggage is not overweight, there is generally no charge. If it is overweight, you need to pay for the excess weight. The specific cost depends on whether you are going domestic or international. And every country is different. Some private airlines do not check baggage for free. Consult the company's customer service in advance.

Can you put a desktop computer in checked baggage?

2. Be sure to pack your luggage or large laptop backpack before consignment. Generally speaking, airport porters will not handle every piece of luggage with care. In order to protect your desktop computer, the best anti-vibration measures should be taken. It is best to use cushioning foam and packing boxes for packaging.

The computer host and display screen should be wrapped and filled with soft objects around the packaging box. Do not allow the computer host and display screen to shake in the packaging box. The front of the display screen must be cushioned with soft objects. Use a board to protect the pad to prevent hard objects from breaking during handling and loading. After the packing box is sealed, you can use tape to make a handle for easy handling during loading and unloading.

Can you put a desktop computer in checked baggage?

 3. Declare that it is a valuable and fragile item during the consignment, and ask the staff to affix a "fragile" label. The value of the item can be declared when consignment. This can make your computer value insured. After paying the "declared value surcharge", the airline will be liable if there is a problem.

If you haven't thought about this, you will get a disclaimer. Once you have signed your name, damage to your luggage can only be compensated in the same way as ordinary luggage: compensation based on weight. At the same time, if the airline allows it, you must lock your luggage. This is safer.

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This topic is simply matchless :), it is very interesting to me.


Hi. @MAREK MICAN If your luggage is overweight, you need to pay for the excess weight.


What should “only the overweight fee is enough” mean"? enough to do what?
Thank you


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