Choose a Suitcase or a Backpack?

Choose a Suitcase or a Backpack?

Every traveler stands their position on whether to use a backpack or suitcase on their trip. Some prefer the suitcase on wheels, some prefer the backpack. Before you embark on your trip, you might get confused which one should you take? A suitcase or a backpack? It depends on your trip plan. If you are heading for a long-term journey, a suitcase combined with a backpack is your best choice. As for a trip within three days, I would rather recommend Matein Backpack than a suitcase. Despite the suitcases are much more convenient, it is not that attractive when it comes to the safety of travel. Comparing with the suitcase, backpack reassures you that you won’t be able to easily lose your luggage as your backpack strapped to you. Besides, it’s simply difficult to walk up hills and stairs with your suitcase bumping everywhere. Could you imagine the pain of try carrying a suitcase upstairs? Suitcases make little sense to backpackers who are leaving for some countries without sidewalks.

I choose Matein travel backpack for my three-day journey. A backpack is big enough to transport everything you need. Their travel backpack is designed for carrying on back obviously and suits me as I will do a lot of walking. If you just like me attempt to spend most of your time in the outdoors and immerse yourself in outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, camping then a backpack is likely wiser choice. The best part of choosing a backpack is that you can keep balance when walking on uneven terrain having both free hands.

In the end, it is your personal choice to take a suitcase or a backpack. But it is worthy of considering this question before your journey. If you don’t plan before your pack, it might affect your trip.

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