Do you need a backpack rain cover?

When backpacking, everyone will carry a best laptop backpack for travel. Because backpacks are used in special environments, higher requirements are placed on the materials and craftsmanship of backpacks. All the stressed positions of the backpack are stitched three times with stitches to make the stressed positions firm and durable. The buckle and other parts of the backpack can be anti-freezing, anti-smashing and deformed at 120 degrees Celsius without damage.

But when it rains, we need to put on the backpack rain cover. So is the backpack rain cover necessary?

Do you need a backpack rain cover?

The rain cover of the backpack is made of waterproof material, which can cause rainwater to accumulate and flow down the surface instead of being submerged in water. Create a barrier between the outer material of the backpack (which may only be waterproof) and rain, and the backpack rain cover adds a layer of protection between your your gear and the elements.

Many backpackers will choose a rain cover, which can be used not only to prevent moisture, rain and water, but also to prevent dust. If you are going through dense vegetation, it can also protect your large travel backpack from tearing.

Do you need a backpack rain cover?

The important point is that the rain cover is very light and does not take up space. Your rain cover can not only protect the backpack from rain, but also be used for staging pad for packing and unpacking gears, which is very versatile. If all the seating surfaces in the camp are wet due to the recent rain, you can sit on the rain cover to keep your body dry. 

Some rain covers are generally sized to correspond to pack volume ranges. You need to consider the things in the backpack, and Also consider the volume of things hanging outside the backpack. It is recommended to choose a rain cover that is larger than your backpack. You don't have to worry about the rain cover is too big because there are the elastic bands.

Some suppliers also sell dual-use poncho-style backpack covers, which can also be used as rain gear. They cover the sides, front and back of the carry on backpack to prevent leakage of the shoulder straps and waist belt. You can choose a suitable rain cover according to your needs.

Do you need a backpack rain cover?
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