Essential Travel Equipment for Business Experts

Those who travel frequently on business and want to pack things up within 10 minutes before going out, absolutely need skills. Otherwise, even if you put half of your closet into the box, all you have to wait for you is your tired arm except for the crumpled shirt and the dead cell phone. In fact, if you master the following skills, you can easily handle the travel package and let you enjoy the journey easily.

Essential Travel Equipment for Business Experts

1. Comfortable shoes

Unless it's an important event when traveling on business, you need to prepare formal leather shoes. Otherwise, a pair of lightweight rubber and leather loafers is your best travel companion. It is not only fast on and off, but also suitable for many occasions. Whether you need to hike for a whole day, or if you need to dress up for a PARY party, it won't make you embarrassing.

Tips: Remember to put heavy items such as books, shoes or leather boots at the bottom of the suitcase to prevent clothes from being crushed.

2. Suitable suitcase

Big travel backpack, camping bag looks really cool. But when you are stuck at the exit of the security check, or when you are tired of rubbing your sore shoulder all day, maybe you don't think so. Smart people will choose suitable luggage as the travel equipment according to the length of the business trip. How to choose a good one?

First of all, the travel time is longer and there are more things to bring. The trolley case is the best choice. It must have sturdy wheels so that it can last and roll freely. Secondly, a trolley suitable for your arm and height is also very necessary. The most important thing is that the space inside is relatively large, so that you can solve the trouble of finding your favorite things all over the world, but there is not enough space to take home.

Secondly, if you are on a short business trip, you may wish to choose a handbag. The compartment design inside is very clever and practical, so that your belongings can be easily returned.

Tips: Finally, don't spend a few hours to find which black suitcase is yours when picking up your luggage. You can tie a ribbon or silk scarf to the handle.

Essential Travel Equipment for Business Experts

3. Strategic dressing

Want to take the world in a suit on a business trip? No problem, you can wear it both to attend business meetings and to attend the Chamber of Commerce dinner. In addition to bathing and sleeping, you can wear it to go out at any time. However, to achieve this goal, this dress also needs the following conditions:
Find a simple dark tie. Navy blue, black or gray are quite good; for the pattern, small dots or pencil stripes are also fine. In this case, you only need to change your tie every day. One suit is enough! If you only have shoes with laces, put them on on the road and don't pack them in your luggage. This will make your luggage lighter and free up space for 2 more shirts.
Don’t forget the jeans and the western-style denim will let you in your private time after the business meeting, and the fashion taste will definitely not lag behind.

Tips: Remember to carry a travel bag with all the items you need on the first day of your business trip, in case your luggage is lost due to airplane check-in.

4. Double cleaning utensils

If you travel frequently, it’s best to prepare two sets of toiletries. Even if you don’t travel frequently, it’s best to prepare small packages of travel packages at home. So when you go out, just throw your toiletry bag in the box and you can leave.

Tips: Do you like the kind of toiletry bag that is divided into different categories? It's completely unnecessary, as long as the simplest waterproof toiletry bag is just fine. The most important thing is that it is strong and soft, and it can be stuffed into any corner of the box at will without leakage problems, just fine.

5. About packing shirts

Today, I will teach you the tips for packing shirts, which are especially suitable for business people who need to bring formal clothes to organize their suitcases when traveling on business. How to minimize the folds of clothes in the suitcase? The best way is to choose natural fabrics to go out. Natural fabrics such as cotton have strong wrinkle resistance, and at the same time, their natural characteristics also determine that these materials are easy to care for after being pleated. The first is to fold them up and place them neatly in front and back. You can combine them in three packs. If the clothes you buy are cotton products with anti-wrinkle treatment, you don't have to worry about the clothes that may be wrinkled when you go out. The tips for packing cotton jerseys folded in different directions will also help you solve many problems when you travel.

6. Electronic organizer

Put your headphones, various chargers, iPods and other things with wires in order. In this way, when you arrive at your destination, you don't have to face the big mess of tangled threads and have a headache.

Matein Electronics Organizer

Tips: Make a list of required items and avoid bringing some useless things. And be sure to carry this list with you so that it can be checked and reorganized at any time, and it can also prevent forgetting and losing items. Remember not to fill your luggage too full. If you encounter an airport inspection, it is easy to lose your belongings and you will also be fined for being overweight. Remember, don't forget to bring an umbrella.

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