How to Carry a Suit on an Airplane?

There is no doubt that mastering the logistics of air travel is easier than trying to figure out how to get a suit safely from one destination to another without excessive wrinkling. This is especially true when traveling on business or shortly after landing for important duties.It's best not to throw your clothes in your suitcase, but to cross your fingers for the best, and keep them safe to wear when you arrive at your destination.

How to Carry a Suit on an Airplane

Hang bags

If there was only some kind of storage to carry a suit... And so on; Suspension bags are designed to do just that. Check with your airline about carry on backpack restrictions to see if you can bring a set of hanging luggage onto the plane. If so, hang your clothes and accessories (such as men's shirts and ties) in your bag. Most suspension bags fold in half to make them easier to store in the overhead bin. Otherwise, may I ask if the stewardess can hang your luggage for you?


You can fold your suit carefully to avoid too many creases or wrinkles from landing. Turn the jacket inside out and fold it into a quarter;Turning the lining outwards helps prevent the jacket from visibly wrinkling. Fold your trousers by two or two thirds and place an item such as a T-shirt in each fold to make them soft. Put the folded suit in a full suitcase or smart backpackOther items are placed on top of it and prevent it from slipping and unfolding as the suitcase turns and shakes.

How to Carry a Suit on an Airplane


Rolling things up in a suitcase saves space and prevents wrinkles and clutter. Place the suit jacket and trousers on a hard surface to smooth them, then roll them tightly from one end to the other. Once rolled up, put each component of the suit into a suitcase or tote bag if space permits.

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