How to Carry a Tent on a Backpack?

As a hiking enthusiast, it is important to learn how to carry a tent in a large travel backpack. Hiking and camping usually require a lot of walking, so you will undoubtedly want to make your journey as simple as possible.
The weight of the tents may be heavy, but they still need to get from point A to point B.
Packing your tent improperly may cause uncomfortable hiking and may even cause injury. In this guide, we will introduce the most common ways to carry a tent and how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack or rucksack.

How to Carry a Tent on a Backpack

How to carry a tent and sleeping bag when hiking

During a one-night hike, there are two main ways to carry tents and sleeping bags: put them in a backpack, or put them outside. Which one you choose usually depends on your packaging type.

Know the type of your backpack

The two main types of backpacks are inner frame and outer frame. Built-in backpacks are more common now, but both types of backpacks are available.

Pack the tent and sleeping bag in the inner frame backpack

You almost always pack tents and sleeping bags in backpacks with internal frames because they have more internal space than backpacks with external frames. It is also possible to tie a tent to the outside of some inner frame backpacks, but this is usually done by more advanced hikers who can carry more weight and require more equipment.
According to the tent manufacturer’s instructions, wrap your tent as tightly as possible to save space in your backpack. You will also want to handle your sleeping bag in the same way, using compression straps available at outdoor equipment stores.
In addition, be sure to put the equipment in the bag according to the weight, with the heavier at the bottom and the lighter at the top. Usually, this means putting your sleeping bag first, then your tent.

How to Carry a Tent on a Backpack

Carry tent and sleeping bag outer frame backpack

The outer frame backpack has a smaller inner part. As the name suggests, the package itself is connected to an external framework, which is exposed. Since the bag is smaller, the frame extends farther at the bottom.
To carry this type of sleeping bag and tent, you need a waterproof "things bag", which can also be bought at outdoor specialty stores. You need to roll the sleeping bag and tent together for storage; the best method depends on your tent type, so practice in advance. Then, use the straps on the backpack to fix it to the bottom of the frame. Putting the tent in the backpack is that simple!

Helpful Tips

1. Make sure your tent is dry when packing. It's worth waiting for it to dry out, because although it doesn't look like much, any amount of water will add significant weight and may damage your other equipment.
2. If you put your tent outside your backpack, be aware of branches, thorns, and other things that might pierce the tent when hiking.
3. If you have difficulty determining the best configuration for "carrying a tent", you can consider checking the "How to Pack a Hiking Backpack" on the backpack manufacturer's website.
4. If you are new to hiking, be conservative with the weight of your backpack and tent. The heavier the tent, the longer it will take to reach your camp.
Learning how to put a tent in a backpack can make the world completely different!

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