How to Choose a Casual Cross-body Bag?

Different from briefcase, crossbody bag mainly appears in travel, shopping and other leisure occasions.In addition, on the design style, the style, pattern and color of casual crossbody bag are more colorful than the briefcase, not just a few kinds of colors and styles that are so monotonous.So, how to choose a high-quality casual cross-body bag for yourself? What kind of material is better? Read on for some tips.

How to Choose a Casual Cross-body Bag?

First observe a casual crossbody bag stand or fall mainly to see its structural design, material and work.
Crossbody bag structural design: The structural design of crossbody bag is the most important, because it determines the practical, durable, comfortable and many other aspects of the bag performance.The more features a package has, the better; the overall design should be simple and practical.General a comfortable casual messenger bag should have wider and thicker and can adjust the strap, belt and back pad, back pad had better have sweat ventilation groove.

Material: including casual crossbody bag fabric and parts of two aspects.Fabrics usually should have abrasion - resistant, tear - proof, waterproof and other characteristics. At present, there are more popular Oxford nylon cloth, dacron staple canvas, leather and leather, etc.Components include waist fasteners, all zippers, shoulder and chest fasteners, cover and body fasteners, external fasteners, etc. These ring fasteners are usually made of metal and nylon and should be carefully selected with your eye.

Workmanship: it refers to the stitching quality of casual crossbody bag shoulder belt and bag body, between fabrics, cover and bag body, etc., to ensure the necessary stitching firmness, the feet should not be too large, too loose.

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