How to choose a casual crossbody bag?

Different from briefcases and suit travel bag, casual crossbody bag are mainly used in leisure occasions such as traveling and shopping. In addition, in terms of design style, the styles, patterns, and colors of casual crossbody bags are more abundant, unlike briefcases that are just as monotonous as several colors and styles. So, how do women choose a high-quality casual crossbody handbag for themselves? What material is better?

How to choose a casual crossbody bag? To observe the quality of a casual crossbody bag depends on its structural design, material and workmanship.

How to choose a casual crossbody bag?

Crossbody bag structure design: The structure design of the crossbody bag is the most important, because it determines the practicality, durability and comfort of the bag. The function of the bag is not the more, the better. The overall design should be simple and practical. Generally speaking, a comfortable casual crossbody bag should have a wider, thicker and adjustable shoulder strap and waist belt. Breathable mesh back panels prevent overheat and provide air circulation.

Material: Including casual crossbody bag fabric and components. The fabric should generally have the characteristics of abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and water resistance. The more popular ones are Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple fiber canvas, cowhide and leather. The parts include waist buckles, all zippers, shoulder strap and chest strap fasteners, internal and external strap fasteners, etc. These buckles are usually made of metal and nylon. You can pay attention to it when buying.

Workmanship: refers to the stitching quality between the shoulder strap and the fabric of the casual crossbody bag, the cover and the body. Need to ensure the necessary suture firmness, the stitches should not be too large or too loose.

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What material is better for a casual crossbody bag?

There are many kinds of materials for making hot topic bags, including natural leather, synthetic leather, imported PU, domestic PU, plastic, cloth, animal fur, etc. The most produced and most widely used leather material is cowhide.

The cowhide is the most durable, and the cowhide from two to three years old is the best. Others such as pig skin, goat skin, snake skin, crocodile skin, etc. are also very durable. But the price of this bag can be imagined. After dozens of fine processing procedures, the quality is very good, not only durable, but also good in hand. In addition, pu leather is also very high-end as a leather bag material. Not only the quality is guaranteed, the colors are also richer, and the feel is also very good. So when you choose a casual crossbody bag, you can also consider choosing this leather bag.

Generally speaking, in addition to paying attention to factors such as the material and workmanship of the casual crossbody bag, you should also choose the color, style and size of the casual crossbody bag according to your own preferences and style, so that it can be easily matched with the clothing and make your image more perfect.

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