How to choose the best lunchbox backpack?

Backpack with lunch compartment are an easy and comfortable way to bring cold food and drinks with you when camping, hiking, or walking in the wilderness.

They're more than just belted coolers, as most are designed to reduce back pressure and maintain comfort even during long hikes (regardless of the contents).

How to choose the best lunchbox backpack

In choosing, we looked at four specific categories: comfort, performance, design, and value.Here are the considerations for each category:

Comfort: There are a lot of variations to making a valuable backpack lunch cooler, but if you don't feel comfortable carrying ice, drinks, and food, it's no better than a non-backpack cooler.Testing this capability means loading each model to the best of our ability and seeing how much pressure it puts on us as it moves.In addition, brands are provided with one, which includes a belt that distributes the load evenly.

Performance: If the cooler has trouble keeping the ice cold for a few hours, you'll have more trouble than having to drink some hot beer - if you're in a remote area, or even far from the nearest store, this may mean throwing away spoiled food.Thankfully, this is the best of many coolers today, most of which provide ice retention over several days.

Matein Lunch Backpack

Design: In judging the design of each backpack cooler, we want to see not only how it is installed or how it looks, but how easy it is to load and unload, or whether you can manage it when someone comes back.You don't want to touch the zipper yourself, and you don't need three arms to get your food and drink.

Value: Value is the sum of the parts of the backpack cooler.How do the first three categories make them worth investing in? Radiators aren't cheap, but the best radiators can give you years of life.

Now that we know you want to spend less time studying the packaging and more time enjoying the items inside. Here we recommended Matein lunch backpack for you: 

 Matein lunch backpacks

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