How to Clean and Disinfect Your Cosmetic Bag?

Since the emergence of covid-19, disinfection and cleaning are now very careful and important things. Some people will develop the habit of cleaning. In my opinion, instead of losing your mind, it is better to focus on practical and wise ways to protect yourself. Start by washing your hands frequently.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Cosmetic Bag?
In addition, it also includes ensuring that our environment is as clean as possible, whether it is from the work environment or the living environment. This means regularly cleaning up sofa covers, cushion covers, sheets, towels, tea towels, etc., and ensuring that everything in our mouths (tableware and cups) and faces (foundation, cream and fingers) is hygienic.

This reminds us of travel cosmetic bags. Some products or cosmetics that have exceeded their shelf life should be eliminated. Not only will preservatives fail, they will accumulate dirt and grime within a few months, making them even more disgusting.

So, empty everything and put aside the parts you don’t use every day. Anything that cannot be cut because it is used up or too old should be packed in the box. If you want to keep the cosmetics that you don't use frequently, wipe them clean with isopropyl alcohol spray, etc., and then store them. Any items returned to the cosmetic bag should be thoroughly disinfected with alcohol spray. If exposed to air, wipe the packaging and the product itself.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Cosmetic Bag?

Brushes and makeup sponges need special attention. You can wash them thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap, and then gently wipe them until the water becomes clear. Let them dry on a clean towel. The tips are suspended on one side of the solid surface so that they can regain their shape, and then spray them with alcohol spray after drying to ensure that they are completely disinfected.

After cleaning the cosmetics, the last one is your real makeup bag. Empty the fluff, debris and random shrapnel accumulated since the last cleaning. If it is a clean fabric, spray it with alcohol spray inside and outside, and then wait for drying. If it is a soft fabric, put it in the washing machine for hot wash. After drying, you can reinstall your favorite products.

In the steps of maintaining the pink makeup bag, the most important thing is to tighten the lid of each cosmetic to prevent the cosmetic bag from staining due to the leakage of cosmetics. If it is found that the cosmetic cannot be sealed, it should be removed in time.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Cosmetic Bag?

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