How to clean the cosmetic bag?

Many people have best business laptop backpack when they go out or travel. Makeup bag is also a must-have item for girls. Cosmetic bag is where the cosmetics are stored. Girls must ensure that their cosmetic bag is the cleanest. Because these cosmetics are used on the face, you need to be clean the cosmetic bag regularly. Otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and cause various skin problems.

Therefore, it is important to clean the cosmetic bag regularly. So how to clean the cosmetic bag?

How to clean the cosmetic bag?
Soap, detergent, small brush, sponge ball, alcohol.

1. Ordinary fabric cosmetic bag: You can use a small amount of alcohol to mildly disinfect it. After waiting for about 5 to 8 minutes to soak for a while. Then change the water, make a small amount of soap foam, gently rub the cosmetic bag. You can also drip a little fragrance essence. Dry naturally in the sun after washing.

2. Leather cosmetic bag: It is not recommended to soak the leather cosmetic bag for a long time, which will reduce the quality of the bag. You can wipe it with your own wet wipes first. Then slowly rub the detergent in small amounts several times. Please note here that when applying the cleanser to the cosmetic bag, start from the part of area and apply small amount in many times. After all cleaning is complete, you can turn on the faucet and rinse directly. Be sure to rinse off. The residue of the cleaning agent will harm the leather of the bag.

No matter what kind of travel cosmetic bag, don't wash it frequently. Just keep it clean and tidy it's ok.

How to clean the cosmetic bag?

Not only the cosmetic bag needs to be cleaned up, but also the makeup tools in the cosmetic bag should be cleaned regularly. Such as the tools for eye makeup are the easiest to get dirty, and it is very easy to breed bacteria. Every time we brush our eyelashes, we will inevitably leave some mascara on the small steel comb or eyelash curler. After each use, we can use a cotton pad to soak the eye makeup remover to clean these small tools to avoid affecting the health of our eyes.

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