How to get a backpack zipper unstuck?

If the your best business laptop backpack zipper is used improperly or used for a long time, it is inevitable that the zipper will get stuck. When there is a problem with the zipper of the backpack but you don't know how to solve it, it will affect the use of the backpack, and it may cause the loss of the belongings in the backpack.

So, what should I do if there is a problem with the backpack zipper? Do you know the solution? This article answers for you.

1. The zipper won't move
Sometimes the zipper can't be opened, or can't be pulled halfway, this is because the teeth of the zipper are crooked, or the fiber of the cloth tape is loose. If the zipper teeth are crooked, you can use a steel needle to straighten them first, and then flatten them. Then use a mallet to gently flatten the zipper teeth, and the zipper will work. If the cloth belt is loose, you can pull the cloth belts that do not fit together so that the teeth of the zipper are evenly arranged, and you can pull it well.

How to get a backpack zipper unstuck?

2. Zipper missing teeth
Pry the teeth of the large travel backpack zipper with a camera on the original tail to remove a few teeth, install them on the part where the teeth are lost, and then gently press the mouth of the teeth on the edge of the cloth with a sharp mouth to make it bite firmly.

How to get a backpack zipper unstuck?

3. The zipper is not smooth
One is that the chain teeth are rusted or stained with dirt. Just rub paraffin on both sides of the zipper to make it smooth. The second is that something like a cloth edge is inserted in the zipper, so the key head should be slowly returned to its original place to remove the foreign body.

4. After the zipper is pulled, it pops open by itself
This kind of problem is because the slider is pulled for too long and the caliber becomes larger. If you want a temporary solution, just use pliers to pinch the slider to the tail. Pay attention to the tail, but don't use too much force or pinch. If you want to solve it completely, replace the zipper head.

How to get a backpack zipper unstuck?

5. Tips to keep the zipper slippery
After the zipper is damp, rusted, or oxidized, it is not smooth when you pull it, and you can't pull it hard, you can use a candle to rub the two rows of pull teeth back and forth several times. And put the zipper on the fire to bake it, it will be very smooth when pulled.

The above is the introduction to the solutions to common problems in the use of backpack zippers. Have you mastered it?

Zipper is one of the most important accessories of backpacks. If there is a problem with your carry on backpack zippers, do not use brute force to pull, so as not to accelerate the damage speed. If you don’t know how to solve it, you can go to the backpack repair department and ask a professional to help you solve it.

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