How to identify the material of a leather bag?

The best business laptop backpack is designed for business people, suitable for workplace or business leisure. Most business men’s business backpacks are made of leather, and successful entrepreneurs will show their identity through custom-made high-end leather bags. So how to distinguish whether various leather backpacks are real or fake?

Generally speaking, the thickness, density and distribution of pores on the leather surface of the backpack are the main basis for distinguishing cow leather, pig leather, horse leather and sheep leather.

1. Pig leather: The pores on the surface of pig leather are round and thick, extending into the leather obliquely. The pores are arranged in groups of three, and the leather surface presents many small triangle patterns. 

How to identify the material of a leather bag?

2. Horse leather: The pores on the surface of horse leather are oval, slightly larger than scalper leather pores, and arranged more regularly.

How to identify the material of a leather bag?

3. Cow leather: Yellow cattle leather and buffalo leather are both called cattle leather, but there are certain differences between the two. The pores on the surface of the scalper leather are round and extend straight into the leather. The pores are tight and uniform, and they are arranged irregularly, like a sky full of stars. The pores on the surface of buffalo leather are larger than that of ox leather, and the number of pores is less than that of ox leather. Some business briefcases are made of cow leather.

4. Sheep leather: The pores on the grain surface of the leather are oblate, with clear pores. Several pieces form a group, arranged in fish scales.

How to identify the material of a leather bag?

5. Artificial leather and synthetic leather: Artificial leather and synthetic leather are composite materials composed of textiles or non-woven fabrics as a base and synthetic resin. They are plastic products similar to natural leather. They all have the characteristics of soft, wear-resistant and elastic, and they are widely used.

However, the air permeability is relatively poor. The artificial leather and synthetic leather have no natural pores when viewed from the front, and the bottom plate is woven or non-woven fabric from the reverse side, not animal skin bottom plate. In addition, artificial leather and synthetic leather have poor cold resistance, and will become hard and brittle if they are too cold. But many people would like to pick this to make new backpacks.

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