How to make your travel backpack lighter?

There are only two most important principles for backpackers to pack their best travel backpack when traveling: necessities and sub-packaging.

Best travel backpack


The benefit of bringing only the essentials is self-evident: weight reduction.

In the selection of necessities, weight reduction is the most important:

For example, when I went out, I liked to bring an automatic umbrella with a slight pull. Later, to reduce the weight, I replaced it with a sun umbrella (sun umbrellas are generally lighter than umbrellas, and more lighter than those with automatic functions) ;

For example, I used to like shampoo or body wash in small brand packages, but later replaced them with small packages of equipment provided by the hotel (so don’t be sloppy when staying in a star-rated hotel, and take away the equipment you’ve used. It’s also environmental friendly.);

For example, for passport and ID card holders, it is also the same to change to a plastic bag that can be closed with a zipper;

For example, a cosmetic bag, in fact, changing to a plastic bag is the same;

For example, drinking glasses, if you are going to a developed area where you can see drinking water supplies everywhere, it is a good choice to bring a drinking glass, but if the destination is poor and backward, I tend to buy bottled water, which is convenient and hygienic.


Packing is even more important than the essentials. It’s hygiene (effectively avoiding mutual "contamination" between different luggage), quickness (a lot of reduction in packing time), labor saving (removing temporarily unused parts at any time, and easy split inspection , Will not be missed).

Sub-package can make it easier and faster to take out the required luggage: for example, if you arrive at the hotel in the middle of the night, you can quickly take out the change of clothes and toiletries, and quickly take out all the equipment that needs to be charged. If you arrive at the hotel during the day, you can quickly take out all the luggage that are not necessary for the day trip,and then immediately carry a backpack and go out to sweep the streets. These are all necessary skills for travel (especially long-distance travel).

When sub-packing luggage, you only need to sub-pack the following bags:

1.Clean clothes

2.Travel wash bag(tooth sets, towels, toiletries, sunscreen)


4.A spare bag for changing clothes

5.Various chargers and conversion sockets

Others such as computers, cameras, travel guides, wallets, documents, umbrellas, etc. can all be placed in the original compartment designed of the backpack. After all, things that may be used on the road at any time should not be repackaged.

travel backpack

In this important technique of sub-packing, there are two artifacts to remind everyone: trash bag and shower cap. I usually bring a half roll of garbage bags before I go out to separate slippers that are too late to dry after using, clothes that are too late to dry after washing, or dirty clothes, dental appliances or toiletries, towels, and anything that are unsuitable with other luggage. of course, you can also collect some shower caps while staying in the hotel on the way, even it is not suitable for large items, the shower cap with its own elastic band is very suitable for taking small packages of toiletries, soap or dental utensils.

Of course, there is another point,Preparing cash and bank card for emergency using outside the wallet (carry on backpack or clothing pocket), and upload the scanned copies of all important documents to the cloud disk so that they can be called in an emergency.

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