How to Measure Carry-On Luggage for Airplane

As of March 2010, Airplane Airways allowed passengers to bring one carry on backpack and one personal item into an Airplane cabin. Personal items include purses, baby bags, briefcases, laptops and assistive devices and are not counted as carry-on items. Smart travel bag is stored under the seat or in the overhead compartment as a safety precaution during takeoff, flight, and landing.Carry-on baggage size restrictions are in place at check-in. Carry-on items that don't meet Airplane Airways measurements need to check in.

How to Measure Carry-On Luggage for Airplane


Stand up carry-on luggage. Measure the length from top to bottom with a tape measure.The length of baggage must be 24 inches or less.


Use a tape measure to measure the width of your carry-on. Place the tape on the luggage from left to right at a 180 degree Angle (in a straight line).The width must not exceed 18 inches.


Lay your carry-on baggage flat on the floor.Use a tape measure to measure height from top to bottom.Carry-on baggage should not exceed 13 inches in height.

In the end

Add your length, width and height carry-on dimensions.Make sure they don't exceed 55 inches.

Matein Large Carry-on Backpack
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