How to pack an outdoor travel backpack?

In order to have a good outdoor experience, it is necessary to have a good outdoor smart backpack. Of course, it is not enough to have a good bag. It is more important to learn the correct way of packing. Some people say that outdoor backpack is our mobile home, so packing is equivalent to our arrangement of the home, the home is at a mess, not only others look uncomfortable, they also live uncomfortable.

How to pack an outdoor travel backpack

Generally speaking, the packing of outdoor backpacks follows one unchangeable truth: weight balance and classification. That is to say, the weight of the outdoor backpack must be balanced left and right, otherwise people will lose their balance. The contents of the bag should be stored according to the categories for easy storage and search.

1. The sleeping bag should be placed on the bottom layer

Because the sleeping bag only needs to be taken out when sleeping, there is no need to put it on or in the middle. And generally speaking, if the road is not very dangerous, in order to make the burden easier, it is recommended to put heavy objects on the upper layer and let the center of gravity move up. The lighter sleeping bag is naturally the bottom. And the sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack can also play a certain buffering role. If you accidentally drop the backpack on the ground, it will not cause all the contents in the bag to be damaged. Of course, if the sleeping bag can't cover the bottom of the backpack, you must plug the gap with other objects to prevent things from shaking in the bag.

How to pack an outdoor travel backpack

2. Don't put hard and sharp objects near the back.

If it is too close to the inside of an outdoor backpack, it is easy to scratch the inner liner, and it will also be very uncomfortable to carry it on the back.

3. The space in the empty pot can be fully utilized.

You can place food, stoves, small gas cans, and can also serve as shockproof bags for eggs. This not only saves space, but also fixes the contents of the bag, avoiding the unstable center of gravity and shaking.

4. Plastic bags can be used to classify things in outdoor backpacks, or suit storage bag can be used.

Prepare a few for each of the large, medium and small, and pack the contents of the bag into categories according to different purposes, and tie them tightly. It’s best to pack them in different colors, so they are easier to find. The disadvantage is that they are not waterproof. You can also put on a waterproof bag if you want to be safe.

5. Oil items must be placed upright

If it is unopened, you can tie it tightly and put it in the bag. If it is filled with a bottle, it is best to put it on the side of the bag. But note that it is best to mark it with an oily marker, so as not to carelessly drink it as mineral water.

6. Try to remove the outer packaging shell of the food you carry before packaging, leaving only the necessary degree of packaging. In order not to increase the weight, it also takes up space.

7. Try not to use side pockets. Use only lighter sundries or water bottles. Don't expect too much stuff in the side pockets. Hanging too many things will only increase the risk. It is better to pick a large travel backpack.

 How to pack an outdoor travel backpack


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