How to Pack Your Gym Bag for School as a Girl?

Packing a sports bag can be difficult, especially for girls. Boys only need to change clothes and deodorant, girls may need more. This article will tell you how to pack your sports bag.

How to Pack Your Gym Bag for School as a Girl

Buy a sports bag that suits you. Make sure you like it, because you may be stuck with it for a while. Also, choose a bag where you won't let others see you. Do you want a plastic bag or a beautiful gym bag? Think about it.

Know the necessities you need. These things usually include: T-shirts, shorts, workout wear, deodorant, hair bands, etc.

Be sure to bring your own water bottle. Drinking from your own water bottle is better than drinking from a water dispenser or someone else’s water bottle.

Get comfortable clothes. You don't want to get itchy and uncomfortable in gym class. This means that you should not pack itchy knitwear, etc.

Make sure your running shoes fit your size. Otherwise, you may be seriously injured. They cannot be too big or too small for you. Also bring more socks in case of an emergency.


  • Be sure to make sure what you bring is comfortable.
  • Deodorant is a must. If you don't have deodorant, your arms will be very sick, which is not good.
  • Make sure you can close your sports bag. Too many things in your bag may cause your bag to tear and your things will fly everywhere.
  • Remember, fitness should be fun, not awkward, so you don't need to worry about how your body looks.
  • If you are menstruating, you may want to bring sanitary napkins/tampons just in case.
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