How to plan a trip for parents?

Traveling can also be a way of life. While your parents are still young, give your parents a chance to travel with a large travel backpack! Plan a trip for your parents so that they can also feel the joy of traveling!

1) Choice of destination

When arranging parents to travel, physical strength needs to be taken into consideration. The key is to focus on "comfort and relaxation" instead of being as troublesome as young people's travel. The medical conditions of the travel destination should be good, the hotel should be comfortable, and the flight time should be controlled within 4 hours. If the flight takes more than 4 hours, it is better to choose first class or business class. Try to choose aisle seats so that your parents can have the opportunity to walk around so that your parents can decompress and avoid joint pain, joint stenosis and muscle atrophy.

When choosing a popular destination or a place with many famous attractions, it is best to be a destination that your parents have heard of. Some young people think there is nothing to go, but their parents like it.

How to plan a trip for parents?2) Arrange medication
Bring any medicines into rolling back pack that your elderly parents may need. Put the medicine in the original bottle as much as possible. Place each bottle or container in a transparent plastic bag labeled with the name, dose size and frequency, and instructions for administration. Drugs without this information may not be used through airport security checkpoints.

Do not put important medicines in your checked baggage because you don’t want to risk putting important medicines that have been lost or delayed in your checked baggage

If traveling abroad, your parents should translate prescriptions and medication instructions into appropriate languages. For example, if traveling to Brazil, the prescription information should be in Portuguese. In the event of a medical emergency, this information can save their lives.

2) Choice of ticket

When arranging a parent’s travel, one must be careful in the choice of air tickets. Arrange for parents to travel. It is recommended to choose a flight departing in the afternoon. The return trip can also be arranged in the afternoon or evening, which will be more comfortable.
How to plan a trip for parents?3) Group tour?

At this point, it still depends on the destination. If it is a single-point city itinerary, I will arrange the air ticket, hotel, and then choose the destination itinerary.

For example, if you arrange for your parents to go to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Singapore and other places, you just need to buy a ticket, book a pick-up, and arrange a hotel. Then, register the one-day tour route of the destination Local online in advance. Anyway, they will pick up your parents at the hotel and send back to the hotel after end of the tour. It is very convenient. You can also choose group tours. Some travel agencies specifically design travel for the elderly.

4) Choice of hotel

Don’t change your accommodation frequently. Stay at least two nights at each travel destination. The fatigue of the journey will affect your mood and the quality of the trip. Before booking a hotel, be sure to check sightseeing spots, restaurants and nearby attractions so that parents don't have to go too far. Although the location is critical, the convenience facilities are also important for re-inspection.

5) Let parents have a sense of participation and ritual

All the itineraries are planned. In fact, it does not necessarily make parents feel relieved that "the child grows up so they can arrange everything", but may make them feel "Oh, we are old, I can't even decide on this little thing."

It is better to listen to your parents' opinions than to arrange everything on your own.For example, show them the photos of the destination attractions, and let them choose more interesting places;

6) Bring comfort to creatures. If you and your parents feel comfortable, long-distance travel will become more enjoyable. Bring pillows and blankets, especially when traveling in colder months. Bring a portable DVD player or tablet to watch movies. Books are also a good way to spend a long journey.

7) Obtain travel insurance. The elderly are at greater risk of illness and injury. Therefore, it is always a good idea to plan for bad things by purchasing travel insurance. Encourage your parents to contact regular health or life insurance companies to develop insurance that applies to them when traveling.

Some travel insurance companies do not provide insurance policies for individuals over a certain age. Make sure to check whether certain policies have restrictions based on age. Other companies do not provide insurance policies to people with certain diseases. Likewise, please check the fine print on any insurance policy and ask your parents to ask specific questions about health to ensure they receive the most comprehensive travel insurance.

Likewise, please check the fine print on any insurance policy and ask your parents to ask specific questions about health to ensure they receive the most comprehensive travel insurance.

8) The itinerary should not be too tight, and the destination should not be too much

If you want to see multiple destinations, then another good option is to book a cruise. There are many cruise ships that cater to more mature adults. River cruises are an increasingly popular option because there are many attractive small ships that can avoid the ocean: less chance of seasickness, larger rooms, less walking due to the size of the ship, and extra Service.

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