Luggage Case Selection Guide

More and more people like to take a vacation and travel alone, so the luggage cases or large travel backpacks are always inseparable. It is  a good companion for our travel. So, do you know how to choose a luggage case and what should be paid attention to?

Luggage case material
Common materials for the luggage cases are ABS, PP, PC, PE, aluminum-magnesium alloy and so on. A high-quality luggage case will be thickened on the outer layer, so that it has better abrasion resistance and tear resistance. If it is inferior, it is a relatively thin layer of cloth, which can easily damage the surface of the luggage case and cannot protect the contents of the box.

Luggage Case Selection Guide

Luggage case's telescoping handle
When we select the luggage case, we must pay attention to its telescoping handle. The tie rods are basically retractable. Press the lock button and stretch it several times during selection. The tie rods should expand and contract freely. The clearance between the fixed rod and the telescopic rod should be moderate.

Good quality telescoping handle will use thicker aluminum alloy, and they are finely crafted and have higher toughness. These telescoping handle are smoother and more durable. Inferior telescoping handle generally use iron, which is easy to break and deform. Is such a luggage case easy to use?

Luggage case wheels
The wheels of the Luggage case must be 360° universal wheels. The smaller the sound of the friction between the pulley and the ground, the better, and the larger the diameter of the wheel, the better. It is wear-resistant, quiet, and non-slip smooth, and can adapt to various complex road conditions. Wheeled laptop backpacks can also refer to this requirement

Luggage case handle
The handles of the luggage cases are mostly plastic parts. The quality of the plastics should be checked. Poor quality plastics are brittle and are prone to breakage during use. In addition, it is best to have a handle on the side.

Multiple zipper compartment
When I go out, I bring a lot of stuffs. Therefore, you can buy a luggage case with multiple compartment pouches, and place different objects separately according to our needs. This makes it more convenient for us to pick and place, and the classification of your stuffs is also clear, which can save a lot of time.

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