The Affect of Logos

Generally speaking, any decorative pattern has the function of material beauty as well as spiritual beauty, which is the unity of practical function and aesthetic function. As a part of the overall design art, the bag‘s pattern has its own special decorative forms, technological materials, production means and expression methods, and of course it should have its own special properties. For example, a obvious logo on new backpack will make it more attractive.

The Affect of Logos

From the perspective of the classification and expression of cases and bags, the pattern is an art form that combines with the production process and is unified. The decorative function of the pattern is to beautify the appearance of the object by the decorative design or pattern pattern. It must adapt to the decorations and be restrained by the decorations.

It is necessary to make an overall arrangement in the overall design so that the decorative pattern and the modeling can be integrated and set off each other, which is the dependent performance of the design of the case pattern. The final purpose of decorative pattern design is to realize the perfect combination of utility and craft, so decorative patterns have specific characteristics of subordination, aesthetics, decoration and practicality.


The general function of the case and bag pattern is to decorate and embellish the package body, so that the original monotonous shape will change in visual form in terms of hierarchy, pattern and color, etc., making the case and bag products more personalized and elegant.The decoration and ornament of the decorative patterns on the surface of the luggage (such as business travel backpack) can render the artistic atmosphere of the luggage and improve the aesthetic value of the luggage and bags.

matein logo


Normally, general adornment design can have aggrandizement, remind, the action that guides line of sight, emphasize a certain characteristic especially, or highlight modelling contrast painstagingly, undertake adornment to the design that contains exaggerated meaning.The significance of the application of case and bag pattern lies in enhancing the artistic charm and spiritual connotation of the case and bag, which can be embodied by the aesthetic value of visual image or the indication of humanistic meaning. For example, trademark design, logo and so on have a very good emphasis. Such as Matein large rolling backpack above.


The handbag in the shape of Japanese biscuits below is shaped like biscuits, and the characters on the fan are the identity of biscuits. Most of the people who carry the bag are fans of the biscuit. The shopping bag pattern design in the following figure is designed entirely around the features of the shopping place, including the architectural appearance and sales characteristics of the sales place, which can form distinct features. Therefore, the decorative pattern of bags and suitcases plays a very important role in shaping the style of bags and suitcases.

The Affect of Logos

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