The little things in Cancun

Cancun is probably one of the most popular destination for a Spring Break in the US – right next to Miami, Las Vegas and your comfy bedroom. Which is exactly why I went there.

Cancun is touristy. Think of beaches you’ve been to, and it’s like that, but in Spanish. You have the bars, the clubs, the food stands and of course, the beaches. Some areas are nicer than others. Las Mujeres, or “The Island of Women” has the saltiest and purest water I’ve ever seen. So much so, the whole point of going there is to do snorkeling and see the underwater museum. No, it’s not to see women, despite what the name might suggest.

I’m sure you can find blogs about the cool adventures or the best clubs to hang out, so I won’t bother with that. I want to talk more about the little things I noticed.

I had the impression that only in the US you would tip – and tip the servers only, because of laws that allow employers to pay lower than minimum wages and other complicated norms. Well, they more or less demand for tip in Cancun, not just servers, but tour guides. My sense is that many Americans visited Cancun and brought tipping culture with them. If you venture into the less-touristy area like downtown, this doesn’t exist. So, be prepared with money.

I ventured into the hotels along the shore area, they are fancy alright, and they cost a lot. My budget led me to a small hotel in Pok-ta-pok, where there was a taco stand right outside the place that opened until 1am. His tacos were great, especially for the price of $1 each. I bet you don’t find those in hotels, or you do and you pay $25 for one.

Because I stayed a bit further from the main attraction, I learned how to use the bus. Front-desk employees are your best friends. Seriously, just ask them how to get to places, and they’ll gladly help you. Mine showed me where to find buses and which ones to take.

For just 12 pesos, or roughly 50 cents for USD, you can ride the fastest buses around. No, they aren’t fancy buses that have special gears or anything like that. The drivers just drive really fast. Like, really really fast. Don’t walk on the street folks. Seriously.

Cancun beach view

Right, one thing I think that must be suggested, you have to prepare a nice backpack while on the go. Like me, on every of my journey, the most important thing is to think about how to carry all of my essentials before setting out. Although I have several backpacks, and they have all been working well, but it seemed like they are worn out a bit. So before heading to Cancun, I searched on internet to find a new fancy backpack which may give me great comfort on the way and I found this backpack which is named TSA travel backpack from a brand that I have never heard before,  Matein. Have to say, it's performance completely exceed my initial expectation, because I have this kind of stereotype just like most others, I believe in strong and famous backpack brands as well. But gladly, this TSA backpack got me surprised, it didn't just store my travel belongings, it organized them well. So, before exploring your journey, remember to pick out your trusted backpack first.

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