The relation between pattern design and material of case and bag

The relation between pattern design and material of case and bag

Many materials of light travel backpack are composed of fibers, and the structural texture or tissue pattern formed in the knitting and weaving process of fibers is probably another important origin of the pattern of suitcases and bags.If the common tooth shape grain, rhomboid grain, herringbone grain, rice character grain, field character grain, star anise and so on in knitting fabric, it is the very regular that forms because of the limitation that weft and warp interweave, obtain easily geometrical pattern. Additional, the adornment gimmick that different material can apply is different also, the adornment effect that gets also has difference each.The same decorative pattern and decoration techniques may achieve completely different decorative effects on different materials. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the relationship between the pattern design and the material of the case and bag.

The relation between pattern design and material of case and bag

Leather and Fur

Fur is a precious and high-grade luggage material with special charm. It not only has the advantages of firmness, durability and softness, but also has the beautiful color and stripes naturally.Stylist often USES the colour and lustre that fur has and spot grain, achieve adornment effect through the cut of all sorts of forms, join and adorn.Seldom use other adornment means again on flix material, lest adornment reduces the aesthetic feeling of flix material itself unduly and artistic effect.

Natural leather and high-grade bags materials, has a natural decorative pattern and design, especially the varieties, such as reptiles leather has concave and convex stereoscopic pattern design, beautiful and easy, such as snake, snake leather, leather lizard material such as leather, its patterns from nature, and with the different of dyed different colors, this made of leather bags don't need to do the design of other adornment, so as not to affect the performance of its own value. Moreover, this leather can be used as the pattern of ordinary fine grain cow leather to appear, decorative effect is very obvious.

leather bag


Fabrics are often decorated with patchwork, patchwork, floral and embroidery patterns.Shuttle weaving material soft, not easy to shape, used for leisure bag decoration, design decoration is not too fussy technology and expensive materials, highlighting the unique soft woven feeling and plain feeling.Hemp weave kind of fabrics can be joined together, repair flower, applique, pull wool edge to wait for adornment to handle, if complementary with the natural raw material such as bamboo, rope, stone bone shell makes integrated pendant type adornment, do not have interest one time. Such as our travel toiletry bag.

Grass and wool woven

Grass, wool braids a kind to want the simple sense that reflects plait fabric adequately is premise, can make some stereo flowers appropriately, bowknot or a few embossing, embroidery are decorated.

woolen bag


In a word, the decorative design of case and bag pattern can add higher artistic and aesthetic value through the decoration process of reorganizing and choosing natural structure and texture.Package design adornment must be combined with molding materials, process means comprehensive consideration, reasonable use of decorative techniques and forms, to understand and master a variety of characteristics and laws of process performance, to help develop the designer's design thinking, to better control the adornment method, the artistic expression and appeal to strengthen package design.

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