The relationship between pattern design and luggage materials

Many luggage materials, such as best business laptop backpack, are made of fibers. The structural texture or texture formed by fibers in the process of knitting and weaving is likely to be another important source of luggage patterns. In addition, different materials can be applied with different decorative techniques, and the decorative effects obtained are also different. The same decorative patterns and decorative techniques may have completely different decorative effects on different materials. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the relationship between pattern design and luggage materials.

The relationship between pattern design and luggage materials

1. Fur and leather
Fur is a precious and high-end luggage material with special charm. It not only has the advantages of being strong, durable, and soft, but also has natural natural beautiful colors and markings. Designers often use fur's own color and markings to achieve decorative effects through various forms of cutting, splicing and trim. Other decorative methods are rarely used on fur materials, so as to avoid improper decoration and reduce the beauty and artistic effect of fur materials.

Natural leather is also a high-end bag making material, with natural patterns and patterns. Many business briefcases are made of natural leather. Especially reptile leather and other varieties, with concave and convex three-dimensional patterns, beautiful and generous, such as snake leather, python leather, lizard leather and other materials, the patterns are natural, and show different colors depending on the dyeing. The finished bag does not need to be decorated with other patterns, so as not to affect the performance of its own value. Moreover, this kind of leather can appear as a pattern matching of ordinary fine grained cow leather, and the decorative effect is very obvious.

The relationship between pattern design and luggage materials

The usual decorative pattern designs mostly appear on cow leather bags, which can increase the decorative effect and artistic added value of cow leather bags. As far as the leather-like polyurethane synthetic leather or PVC artificial leather materials are concerned, it is the main battlefield of decorative pattern design. Through the decoration of decorative patterns, the package body is endowed with an extraordinary artistic taste.

2. Textile fabric
Textile fabrics are often decorated with applique, stitching, weaving and embroidery patterns. Woven fabrics are soft in texture and difficult to shape, and are mostly used for casual bag decoration. Pattern decorations often use overly cumbersome crafts and expensive materials to highlight the unique softness and simplicity of woven fabrics. The hemp fabrics can be decorated with splicing, applique, applique, and fraying. If supplemented with natural materials such as bamboo, rope, and stone bone shells, it will have a special charm.

3. Grass and wool knitting
Grass and wool knitting should be based on the premise of fully reflecting the texture of the woven fabric, and some three-dimensional flowers, bows or a small amount of embossing and embroidery can be made appropriately. As shown in Figure 6-57. Some hot topic backpacks use this type of knitting to be more distinctive.

The relationship between pattern design and luggage materials

4. Other categories
Including rigid fabrics such as bamboo, wood and metal.
All in all, the decorative design of luggage patterns undergoes a decorative process of reorganizing and choosing natural structures and textures, which can add a higher artistic aesthetic value to the luggage modeling itself. The pattern decoration of luggage must be considered comprehensively in combination with modeling materials and craftsmanship, reasonable use of decoration techniques and expressions, understanding and mastering the characteristics and laws of various craftsmanship, will help to develop the designer’s design thinking and better Control the decorative methods to strengthen the artistic expression and appeal of luggage patterns.

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