The use of the colors on the cases and bags

Case and bag pattern decoration is not a simple filling of modeling space, it is an indispensable part of decorative modeling.Through the processing of patterns, colors and materials, can enrich the texture effect of the surface of the body, not only reflects the personality characteristics of decoration, but also can add the novelty and interest of decoration.In general, the pattern of the case to concise, bright color to show, with a limited number of colors to summarize the rich graphics, the pursuit of different changes in contrast, attractive colors and multi-level effects. Such as Matein red laptop backpack.

The use of the colors on the cases and bags

The collocation of multi-color stripes without pattern belongs to the category of luggage pattern design, because the surface of this kind of luggage design is made of multiple color shapes, color and shape are inseparable, forming the effect of luggage pattern in the overall sense.Whether it is the harmonious or the contrast relationship between the pattern and the color, the color in the pattern only plays the role of foil and foil.

The artistic expression of the pattern tone

The color of the case and bag such as carry on backpack presents a special artistic effect according to the change of tone. Generally speaking, the tonal of downy simple but elegant brings halcyon and unruffled feeling, design abound change and let a person feel harmonious and happy, suit those not matter make public, comfortable and elegant lifestyle; And the colors that have the power to shock and ambivalence are those of the ostentatious, high-profile lifestyle that seeks attention.Cheerful hues invite fantasies, feelings and experiences, full of power, life, hope and freedom. Silent middle tone is calm and stable, soft and peaceful, understated, low-key and frank, not to express a clear attitude, inspiration comes from quiet, ordinary things and clothes.

The use of the colors on the cases and bags

Character of color

When carrying on pattern color design, because color has more definite character and association, therefore the designer must carry on the design according to the user's appreciation standard.For designers, it is required to master the color psychology of consumers, fully grasp the popular color series, do the corresponding first-hand research on the color market consumption situation before the design, and summarize the color consumption rule, in accordance with the psychological needs of different consumers to create color design.For example, the student package cartoon, comic pattern design and bold color collocation, is the harmonious and unified expression of color personality and color consumption. Such as Matein best business laptop backpack

Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack

The ultimate bright color creates a sense of color impact.Pure, powerful, intense, active, like the colorful colors from the sports world, bright and bold colors contain elegance;Richly, gorgeous metallic texture color, shining, glowing with infinite charm.The white color that emphasizes exaggeration and individual is eternal color, it is the color of wisdom and poetry, elegant and charming.

The use of the colors on the cases and bags

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