Tips for Cold Weather Running

Many business people go to work with a best business laptop backpack and like to run at night or early morning to exercise. The fact is that no matter where you live, even in the coldest weather, running is actually the best way of comfortable exercise outdoors.

Tips for Cold Weather Running

If you often feel tired and lack of energy in winter, you who insist on running will enjoy the more energy that winter running brings to you. So what do you need to know to run in cold weather? Here are some tips:

1. Take some extra time to warm up indoors
In winter, the temperature is low, and the limbs of the human body are cold and stiff, which reduces the elasticity of the skin. If you exercise suddenly from a quiet state, especially strenuous exercise such as running, it is often prone to breathing difficulties, palpitation, weakness, and movement disorders. Therefore, you must fully warm up before running in the winter, from a slight increase, until the whole body is slightly hot. You can change into dry clothes before running.

2. Eat a reasonable diet before running
You must have enough energy before running, and it is best to choose your meal about an hour before running. In addition, because the metabolism is strong when running, the calorie and water consumption are large. Therefore, you need to keep hydrated before, during and after running. It is best not to bring a sport duffle bag for running but a running belt that can hold a water bottle.

3. Wear suitable clothes and shoes
The strong wind in winter makes people feel very cold, mainly because the wind accelerates and takes away the heat from the human body, so it is very important to resist the wind when running. Sports experts recommend that you choose a running jacket that fits your body and is light in weight. The innermost layer is best to wear moisture-wicking fabric clothes. Wear a vest or jacket made of windproof and waterproof materials on the outermost layer.

Tips for Cold Weather Running

In order to run on slippery surfaces in winter, running shoes with a good sole profile, such as trail running shoes, are essential. The breathable and waterproof upper keeps your feet dry. Special running socks have extra breathability to prevent displacement and slippage, and help keep the Achilles tendon and calves warm.

4. Wear bright gears
From a safety point of view, the more reflective equipment on your body when running at night, the better. It is best to wear reflective strips on the torso, limbs, head and feet so that motorists in the distance can find out as soon as possible to avoid traffic accidents.

Tips for Cold Weather Running

5. Plan the route
Maybe you will pass by slippery sidewalks or steep snowdrifts. To figure out how to run in cold weather, you need to plan a route so that you can run safely and effectively.

6. Protect your head and hands
The fact is that the scalp and face have many nerve endings, which makes them much more sensitive to cold than other parts of the body. Therefore, wear a hat and gloves when jogging to feel comfortable at low temperatures. Special running caps made of functional fibers are ideal because they can drain sweat outside, but do not absorb any moisture by themselves.

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