What are the types of outdoor backpacks?

Now more and more people like outdoor activities, such as camping, mountaineering, hiking, crossing and other stimulating outdoor activities are also becoming more and more popular, and want to participate in outdoor activities, necessary equipment is indispensable to carry, choose a smart travel bag with good performance, is often the first step to get ready for outdoor activities. Next, I will introduce the types of outdoor backpacks.

What are the types of outdoor backpacks?

There are many outdoor backpacks on the market. If they are divided according to their sizes, there are no more than large bags (45-above), medium bags (35-45L) and small bags (below 30L). But if they are divided according to the functions of backpacks, there are the following types:

Extreme adventure pack
This kind of large travel backpack is generally used for extreme mountaineering exploration and long-distance trekking. The backpack has high support strength, strong load-bearing force, rich plug-in points, complex technology and special emphasis on functionality, making it the first choice for outdoor sports with high intensity and strong professionalism.

Hiking backpack
It is mainly used for long distance hiking or long time travel, with strong support on the back, simple and light body design, and it is more inclined to be stored in categories if it is reprinted internally, suitable for general camping and crossing activities.

What are the types of outdoor backpacks

Mountain-climbing pack
Designed for professional or amateur rock climbing and ice climbing.In order not to affect climbing, usually using soft back design, fabric tensile wear resistance is very strong, specially equipped with fixed crampon and climbing rope device, external hanging rich, easy to hang equipment, some styles are also equipped with finishing equipment mat.

Riding a backpack
The design of this kind of backpack is generally delicate and small, with bright colors and strong functions. The body of the bag is basically required to be equipped with reflective devices. The bag can contain a series of cycling items such as water bottle and helmet.

What are the types of outdoor backpacks

Outdoor leisure pack
Daily outdoor leisure backpack exquisite leisure, looks level is also very important, the best and everyday outfit photograph echo, the function requirement is not high, can hold your belongings basic line, suburbs of holiday shopping, mountain climbing over the weekend, back a design classic bag, carry some commonly used objects, also can yet be regarded as a kind of comfortable enjoy.



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