What Kind of Luggage Wheels Are Best for You?

 Luggage or large travel backpack is a key part of your trip. You need something sturdy, reliable, and able to travel through many flights, trains, sidewalks, cobblestones or dirt. As one of the important components of the luggage, the wheel is always related to the convenience of the luggage. Despite many innovations in luggage design and materials, there is still a big debate around the wheels: the spinner or the roller?

What Kind of Luggage Wheels Are Best for You?

1.Consider luggage weight

A big advantage of spiner luggage is that it can reduce weight. The spinner stands upright and can be easily pushed. It can slide effortlessly over many common obstacles, including uneven surfaces, bumpy concrete and even lawns. For example, in Europe, there are many gravel roads or uneven roads on the ground. The spinner can reduce the pressure on the joints and wrists.

For roller suitcases, you actually need to drag the luggage behind you, which takes up a lot of space. The result is that it may be difficult for you to pass through crowded areas. Also, if you need to drag your luggage for a long time, you may find your wrists and shoulders start to become sore.

2.Consider the stability of the luggage

On the other hand, wheeled luggage is more reliable on different terrains. Since the wheels are fixed, the wheeled suitcase can almost be pulled over rocks, cracks, pebbles and masonry roads without being caught by cracks in the floor. This makes them ideal for serious travelers, and they are often found on public transportation to and from the airport.

What Kind of Luggage Wheels Are Best for You?

As the wheels spin, they are more likely to fall into cracks and bumps. If you are going to a place with snow, it is almost impossible to slide the spinner vertically over the snow and the rocks hidden underneath. When you rough terrain, you will most likely have to tilt the suitcase and pull it like a roller luggage. Because the spiner wheels extend and rotate in different directions, they are more susceptible to damage.

3.Consider maximizing space

The spiner wheel usually protrudes from the suitcase, which means it will be included in the size when traveling. For those who want to carry carry-on luggage, this is a big deal. The weight of the spinner luggage is usually heavier than the roller luggage. For example, smaller aircraft have limited cabin space and your luggage may become checked baggage. Carry on backpack can be carry on baggage too.

Some wheels of the roller luggages are cut into actual suitcases. This means that your items have more usable space than the wheels themselves. Because the roller luggage does not need to stand upright, some roller luggage can also be used as suitcases, adding more functions to the suitcases.

From a cost point of view, luggage with spiner wheels are also more expensive than luggage with roller wheels, so if you are buying luggage with a limited budget, you need to consider this.

If you travel frequently or tend to carry luggage with you through crowded areas, it may be worth the extra money to buy luggage with spiner wheels so that you can place your luggage closer to you and easier to carry.

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What Kind of Luggage Wheels Are Best for You?
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